LEXICON 2021, a two-day Social Media, Digital Marketing and Business Development Conference in Las Vegas, will take place on 13-14 May.

LEXICON Vegas 2021 is a two-day digital marketing, social media and business conference featuring a largely local network of speakers from various backgrounds and areas of marketing that aims to educate, inform, and inspire local business owners and fellow industry professionals on strategies to better market their businesses and clients on a digital scale.

At this great conference attendees will learn new skills, network with other marketing and business professionals, and get their organizations in front of new clients and agencies to further the success of the marketing landscape in Las Vegas.

Check this video to find out more about LEXICON Vegas:

LEXICON provides local companies the opportunity to get their product or service in front of hundreds of business owners. Exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities are also available. The conference presents a dynamic group of speakers that provide in-depth insight, as well as, actionable and practical tools for Social Media Optimization, Website Management, Website Development, SEO Management, Digital Marketing, Brand Management, Business Development, Influencer Marketing, and PPC Campaigns.

LEXICON Vegas is going into its third year and is brought to you by SKC Group which is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in everything the digital and traditional media world has to offer.

Don’t miss this great event and visit the event website for more information.This virtual event is organized by SKC Group on 13-14 May 2021.