How to Lead in 2024, Not React to It

How to Lead in 2024, Not React to It, organised by Parallax, will take place on 8 November online.

Top Focus Areas for Agency Leaders

It likely often crosses your mind, “out of the million things I could be doing, what should I be focused on right now?“

In busy times, fire-fighting the weekly work sucks you in. Before you know it, the work lightens up and you’re scrambling to find the projects to keep your team billable.


Refuse to enter 2024 hoping you thrive. Join us on November 8th and hear from Tom O’Neill, Parallax CEO & Co-Founder, on practical priorities to give you the focus and confidence to crush the year to come.

Don’t miss out on conversations around:

✔️ Peer pro-tips that’ll help you lead your team through market uncertainty

✔️ Actionable strategies for revenue operations

✔️ How to cut through the daily distractions and focus on your biggest impact opportunities

✔️ The operational habits to adopt that’ll help transform your business