GrowthHackers Conference 2021

GrowthHackers Conference 2021, brought to you by GrowthHackers Community, will take place on 25 – 29 October.

For it’s 5th edition, GrowthHackers Conference is bringing together the people behind the experimentation process in SaaS, Mobile Apps, Fintech, E-Commerce and Services.

Experts from these verticals will be sharing experiments they have tested across each lever in the AARRR funnel, bringing actionable insights on how to structure and execute experiments across the entire customer journey.

Each day will be focussed on an industry, with mornings reserved for 5 AARRR free talks, and the afternoon with exclusive paid workshops to help companies from experimentation first steps up to advanced training.

Speakers Include:


GrowthHackers Conference 2021 is brought to you by GrowthHackers Community which is an entire ecosystem of growth solutions, tailored to your needs. Their software helps teams on maintaining a growth culture for driving sustainable results. It helps your team stay aligned around strategic growth opportunities and coordinate roles and responsibilities for driving breakout growth results.

Their mission is to help provide a common framework for what AI means to both enterprise and the future of our globe as we transition into a new era of responsible human-machine collaboration.

They gather the leaders of enterprise from across industry, government organizations, disruptive startups, investors, research labs, academia, associations, open source projects, media and analysts, we are creating the largest and most influential venue for AI-related idea-sharing, commerce, and technological progress.

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5 days, 25 free talks, 5 workshops from growth leaders in SaaS, Mobile, E-commerce and more!This virtual event is organized by GrowthHackers Community on 25-29 October 2021.