Commsverse 2022 – Microsoft Teams Tech Conference

Commsverse 2022, which delivers practical knowledge on hybrid working practices, will take place on 29-30 June in London.

Community events are run by people that share a passion for the technology the event embodies. Commsverse is not operated or controlled by large media conglomerates or consortiums. It is independent and our sole objective is to bring people together who share a common interest to expand their knowledge and connections.

At Commsverse 2022, the speakers will deliver practical knowledge on hybrid working practices & technology usage. It’s a great chance to keep up with the latest trends!

Check Out This Video To Find Out More About The Hybrid Work Conference:

Why Attend Commsverse?

Commsverse is organised by 3 ordinary techies who spend their time helping their customers to have the best experience of Microsoft Teams. This conference idea came out of the lack of a tech conference that meets their needs so, they made Commsverse 2022 – Microsoft Teams Tech Conference!

As this is a community event, Commsverse is able to reach out to professionals from around the world to source the most interesting and best value content the attendees want to hear. This is not a sales conference, this is a tech conference. All the sessions are designed to bring real-world, practical value so that everyone can take something from the event that could make a difference!

This is more than just an exhibition hall and a bunch of breakout sessions. This is a premium event experience and being so focussed, it can offer a lot more to attendees with a purpose to attend. Not only does this event provides you with food and drinks throughout the event or have the best swag on offer, but it also provides an additional thrill by including some fun activities too.

Join thousands of professionals to discover the latest changes on hybrid working trends at Commsverse 2022.

To find out more visit the Commsverse website.This event is organized by Commsverse on 29-30 June 2022 in London.