5th Design Thinking Summit 2021

5th Design Thinking Summit 2021 will take place on 21-22 October in Berlin.

Discount:15%5th Design Thinking Summit 2021 will emphasize the need for shifting gears in design thinking by exploring and revising the latest trends, their application in modern business activities and mechanisms for design thinking adaptation into the current strategy. This edition will focus on the best strategies for technology integration, setting up a design mindset across the organization, adopting data to empower innovation and utilizing sustainability as a driver of Design Thinking culture.

This hybrid event will bring together design professionals from various industries to discuss solutions to achieve the next level of human experience design. Leading professionals from global brands will be in attendance to share how they prevent an organization from missing opportunities by adapting the changes accomplished by Design Thinking.

This is an invaluable 2-day opportunity to network with industry leaders and discuss how bringing emotions into user experience and building innovative culture across organizations can drive your business forward.

Topics Include:

  • Innovation & Design
  • Human Centered Design
  • Customer Experience
  • Service Design & Delivery
  • Human Factors Engineering
  • Product/Service Innovation
  • Technology & Digital Strategy
  • Business Transformation
  • Strategic Development

Check out the video to find out more about Design Thinking Summit:

What Will You Learn?

  • Building a bond between customers and businesses with the help of design thinking.
  • Learning from the past to rebuild and scale design thinking across the organization.
  • Combining innovation management and customer-centric approach.
  • Establishing a culture of human-centered innovation that helps you stay essential for your clients and employees.
  • Exploring the data-enabled design capability, which is the answer to designing with data and AI.
  • Empowering people and driving an equitable and sustainable future with design thinking.
  • Applying Design Thinking methodology to understand unmet needs and deliver delightful and differentiated consumer experiences.

5th Design Thinking Summit 2021 is organized by Luxatia International which specializes in bringing knowledge experts and thought leaders together through outstanding strategic business conferences & summits, professional training and b2b congresses. They maintain the highest standards of quality in research and market analysis, finding the right issues and producing high-profile events important to audience.

Don’t miss this is an invaluable 2-day opportunity to network with industry leaders and discuss all of the latest design thinking techniques surrounding product and service development to create solutions that will drive your business forward.

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For more details visit the 4th Design Thinking Summit 2020 website.This event is organized by Luxatia International on 21-22 October in Berlin.