Spotify Portrays The Habit of Singing In The Car And ‘Lets The Song Play’

Years ago, National Public Radio tapped into listeners’ love of “driveway moments,” those times people sit in their cars waiting for a story to end, even though they’ve arrived at their destination.

Spotify’s latest campaign sees the insights to musical heights, following a couple of drivers who passionately listens to Sia’s “Elastic Heart” and do nothing during the time. A soccer practice, an impatient valet and a pizza delivery guy all wait until the track is complete, in a familiar ‘me-time’ moment that corresponds as self-care.






June Sauvaget, Global Head of Consumer and Product Marketing at Spotify commented,

The experience of commuting and listening to music and news in your car is so universal to every driver’s daily routine.

The sing-a-long is so intense that all the protagonists get odd looks from passers-by, both those who are waiting for them to finish their musical euphoria and those just stuck in traffic with them. An anthem spot directed by Matthew Swanson via Epoch Films combines the stories of multiple drivers, who get their own 15-second spots.

Spotify’s Vice President, Global Executive Creative Director, Alex Bodman also added,

The creative started with a simple insight that we rarely discuss, but everyone can relate to. Then the team got to work on bringing the insight to life with a healthy dose of Spotify’s sense of humor. Hopefully it makes people laugh, while reminding them how much better driving is when you have the perfect soundtrack.

The digital spot includes OOH elements and popular Spotify playlists like “Your Daily Drive” and “Songs to Sing in the Car”.