Here Comes The Evian Babies, Encouraging Us To #liveyoung With The ‘Bare Necessities’

The babies are back with their #liveyoung purpose, plus dancing and singing rap in their latest spot.

Remembering the brand’s famous ‘Kokomo’ spot from 2016? Evian continues using their tots in everywhere, promote to live young in many diverse ways and the babies have made a number of appearances in Evian’s advertising over the years. Just like in 2017, they sported oversized clothing for the brand.

The iconic babies are back in a spot created by BETC Paris, the ad features a hip-hop version of the track, “The Bare Necessities” from by Jay Prince.





According to the brand, the effort that is done “reminds us that living young is about making conscious living choices, focusing on the things that really matter”. At the end of the spot, one of the babies are seen throwing a bottle into a recycling bin—a nod toward its commitment to making all of its bottles out of recycled plastic by 2025. The spot closes with the tagline saying, ‘long live mother nature’s recipes.’

Patricia Oliva, Evian’s Global Brand VP, commented in a statement,

We’ve been using babies for more than a decade as a metaphor of youth and today we wanted to give the babies a voice. Because today living young is living with a sense of purpose, speaking up, advocating for a life that’s conscious and optimistic.

The spot will air throughout the Europe including print, digital, OOH and on-pack elements that feature three baby “gangs”: baby voguers, baby bikers and baby tennis players all of which the brand says are “determined to live their life in a fresh, committed and optimistic way.”