Boosting Site Speed with Image Optimisation for Azzurri Group

Always looking for ways to improve their customer’s experience, Azzurri Group came to Propeller wanting to boost their site speed. Propeller knew just the ticket to get their pages up to speed: image optimisation.

Propeller enabled all images on the websites to automatically upload into the optimum image format for the web. This one-off update to the site not only changed the file types of the existing images, but has future-proofed future image uploads, too.

Propeller finished this project proud to have elevated Azzurri Group’s pages, with an average increase for desktop performance of 26% across their four websites. Read on to learn how Propeller boosted Azzurri Group’s site speed in the case study…

The Approach

Propeller chose image optimisation as their strategy as they know it has the potential to improve loading speed time across the board and improve overall Google Core Web Vitals scores.

Image optimisation involves maintaining high-quality images and refining them in the best format, size, and resolution to improve site speed.

This is important not just for boosting site speed, however. Image optimisation also serves to improve the user experience and SEO. The latter is radically improved as it ensures your images rank in image searches on Google. This is also beneficial to the SEO of the entire website. To top this point off, page speed also plays a key part in Google’s search algorithm. Image optimisation will help websites avoid the organic search penalties from having a slow website.

Propeller has created a solution to add into current WordPress solutions to automatically optimise any image which is uploaded (JPEG, PNG etc) into the CMS and serve the correct modern image format in each browser:

  • Automatic serving. No need to re-upload any images
  • CMS users require no extra training and can continue to upload any image format
  • High compression of images will decrease page load time and give a better customer experience
  • Improved Core Vitals score

Propeller focussed on optimising the following sites:


Propeller collected the following data through the Google Page Speed Insights tool:

Across all Azzurri sites, the image optimisation work has radically improved the performance score on average by 20% on Mobile and 26% on Desktop.

By Propeller: A digital design agency that builds a bigger picture

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