Data-Driven Boosts for the Best Customer Experience

Throughout their 5 year-strong partnership with Zizzi, Propeller worked together to make the customer experience the best it can be.

With a continuous and unwavering focus on analysis, optimization, and conversion, they’ve been able to drive ongoing results to better inform the next steps for the website.

The Approach

  • They created a bespoke Bookatable integration and menu development driven by UX learnings
  • They continuously focused on analysis, optimization, and conversion to drive ongoing results

The Results

  • Zizzi enjoyed a 50% increase in its target SEO KPIs.
  • New users went up by 22%
  • Goal conversion rate grew by 53% in the space of a year.
  • Propeller is proud to say that their projects with Zizzi form an important part of their on-going partnership with the Azzurri group.


Bebe Oladipo, Head of IT Department at Azzuri, said:

Propeller are an outstanding agency with an incredibly talented and passionate team behind them. They continue to drive their business forward.

By Propeller: The Specialists in Food and Drink

Work with their team of industry experts for exceptional website design for food and drink brands to sell products online, boost bookings, drive restaurant reservations or nail your digital marketing plan.

With over 20 years of experience in website design for food and drink brands, Propeller can deliver:

  • Digital strategy & Marketing
  • Shopify & Shopify Plus
  • SEO & Content production
  • Web design & Customisation
  • Bespoke builds & Design
  • CRM & Booking systems
  • B2B & D2C selling

Striking imagery and the right amount of product knowledge is key to website design for food and drink brands, they collaborate to put your products in the best possible light with an exceptional customer experience at its core.

About Propeller

Propeller is an integrated digital marketing agency. They craft, design, customize, build, connect, test, attract, and convert.