A Modern Take on Mix and Match

As the menu at Coco di Mama changes, so must the website.

With WordPress being notoriously easy to use and flexible, it was the perfect space to host the ever-changing menu and options that customers can enjoy at Coco di Mama.

Their Approach

Utilizing a harmonious combination of modern design, vibrant colors, and interactive tech, Propeller’s aim was to make the website match the atmosphere of visiting a store.

Customers are able to easily design and order their ideal lunch across a carefully thought-out online destination with seamless integration with food delivery third parties.


  • The visits to the delivery page had risen by 629% and the bounce rate had dropped by -47% in the space of a year.
  • Not only that, within the same space of time, new users had risen by 254%.
  • The success of this project reinforced their ongoing partnership with the Azzurri group.

By Propeller: The specialists in food and drink

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About Propeller

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