Key Takeaways from Netflix’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997, Netflix is now a household name getting more and more popular among people from all around the world. Of course, it is not a coincidence, but rather it is the outcome of the intelligent digital marketing strategies practiced by Netflix.

Netflix is a leading company providing streaming entertainment services with 183 million paid users in over 190 countries watching TV series, documentaries, and feature films in various genres and languages.

Netflix’s digital marketing strategy includes a wide variety of campaigns, social media posts, and opportunities for members to watch any content anytime, anywhere, or on any screen connected to the Internet. Included in Netflix’s digital strategies, Netflix’s social media posts, campaigns, and commercials are quite remarkable, attracting more attention and bringing more members.

But have you ever wondered why Netflix has become such a presence in our lives and continues to be a giant in its industry? How does Netflix advertise?

Now, we will look at the key takeaways from Netflix’s advertising strategy explaining how it achieves to protect its central position in the digital content industry.

Intelligent use of SEO

While social media may be the star of Netflix’s marketing efforts, its effective use of SEO is often overlooked. SEO plays an important role in Netflix’s digital marketing.

According to Ahrefs, they receive over 267 million visitors on a monthly basis and they have acquired over 51 million backlinks, which helps improve their ranking.

Through the creation of content and the use of relevant keywords, they are able to generate significant traffic from keywords with movie titles, such as “Queen’s Gambit” and “The Witcher.”

In addition to focusing on primary keywords, they also pay attention to secondary keywords such as “comedy movies,” “thrillers,” and “action movies.”

Emails for individual recipients

In addition to being a role model for social media marketing, Netflix excels in its newsletters as well. Rather than sending generic newsletters with just the latest releases, the company puts significant effort into tailoring them to the individual recipient.

Netflix always avoids beginning their emails with a generic “Hello!” Instead, they use the recipient’s first name whenever possible.

Furthermore, Netflix ensures that all the content in their emails is relevant to the individual recipient. They accomplish this through the use of machine learning, and this way, all recommendations are tailored to the individual’s preferences, encouraging them to continue using Netflix.

Effective audience interaction

Another Netflix marketing strategy is to create surveys, ask engaging questions and keep track of the responses they receive from their subscribers. Netflix uses these to get people to start conversations with them. And to start casual discussions about a variety of topics as well.

Due to Netflix’s teasing and funny responses, they get more responses to their polls and questions. Netflix’s advertising strategy encourages fans to continue the conversation. Netflix is getting more visible as a result of this strategy.

Intelligent Use of Social Media

Since social media is a hot favourite in recent years, Netflix’s social media team uses it intelligently to grab attention and arouse curiosity. Their social media team does not even give money to sponsored posts. Still, instead, they create original and charming posts to share, which are getting viral and widespread among social media users.

Thanks to Netflix’s social media strategy with a creative and strategic approach, people are encouraged to talk about Netflix and the content below posts. Their social media team asks questions and creates polls stimulating users or fans to continue the casual conversation that places Netflix in trending topics. 

They also let everyone know about what is new on Netflix, and also suggest some TV series and movies by sharing related posts on their social media accounts.

Personalization at its best

Their team knows how to keep you engaged on Netflix with a personalized interface. After spending some time on Netflix and watching something, they suggest some more related ones according to what you have been watching with the help of their data-driven system.

The content on your home page is totally personalized for you. In this way, you can find more TV series, documentaries, or movies in which you are likely to be interested. This way, Netflix offers you a unique user experience on its platform. They even do it on their social media accounts.

Besides, Netflix provides several suggested lists based on the information about what is the trend in your country or around the world.

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Humour in advertising

There is no doubt that entertaining posts, photos, videos, and commercial films attract incredible attention in this era. Instead of gloomy posts or advertisements, the Netflix team generates original and catchy advertisement content.

For example, Netflix released an ad during the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. 

In the lead-up to the Emmys, the company placed billboards in high-profile locations in New York and Los Angeles with the message ‘Netflix is a Joke.’ This cryptic message sparked some speculation among viewers.

The purpose of the billboards was to enhance the impact of the TVC launch. In the ad, which was a minute long, the company used CGI technology to insert well-known comedians into their existing shows. 

Netflix wants viewers to understand that it is producing a significant amount of comedy content through this ongoing project ‘Netflix is a joke’. If we take Netflix’s advertising strategy as an example, they use humor to connect with their customers.

They also share funny posts with funny captions on their social media accounts, creating an overwhelming impression, and those posts are liked and shared by a large number of people.

Keeping up with the latest

They also know how to catch up with today’s world and the new generation. After the effects on Instagram and Snapchat became popular, especially among teenagers, Netflix also created several camera effects associated with their platform and content. They demonstrate the success of using multiple social media channels at the same time.

So, with its content that appeals to every style and area of interest as well as its intelligent digital marketing strategies, Netflix seems to be the leading digital entertainment service for a longer time. The Netflix team knows how to get the most out of social media applications and other social networking platforms to engage its target audience as well as enable customer retention.

What can we learn from Netflix’s marketing strategies?

Here we have mentioned the key takeaways from Netflix’s marketing strategy to demonstrate how Netflix has become the leader in the streaming media services industry. So, your marketing strategy must be innovative, flexible, and also focused on producing quality, relevant, and original content. You should create personalized content to interact with your followers on digital platforms. In this way, you can encourage interaction. If you want to see more successful marketing campaigns from the entertainment industry, here’s our blog post about Amazon Prime’s marketing strategy. And if you want to get some creativity from a different perspective, we suggest you read our post about Spotify’s marketing strategy.

Show your customers that you are happy that they have chosen to follow and support you. But most importantly, keep an eye on Netflix’s promotion strategy and get inspired by them!