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Best Instagram Ad Campaigns

Brands can separate themselves from their social media competitors and raise brand awareness with the use of Instagram ad campaigns.

It probably comes as no surprise that many of the top brands on Instagram are the same ones who are extremely active on other social channels, and were early adopters of the photo network.

Here’s a look at 5 of the best ad campaigns using Instagram:

1) Lexus

Lexus used Instagram ads to call attention for already existing campaing  #LexusLens. People took photos with their different Lexus cars while travelling and shared their photos within this ad campaign.

This is a great strategy to increase number of followers and compete with Instagram hashtag campaigns. Also, Lexus became the first brand using the location tagging feature.

Lexus Instagram campaign

 2) Levi’s

Levi’s created Intagram ads as an intelligent approach compared with other brands. The brand chose relaxing and simple images which have different styles from other ads on Instagram.

Levi’s used the #LifeinLevis hashtag to achieve more comments and engagement.

Levi's Instagram ad

 3) Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry offers Instagram feeds with funny, creative and appetising photos. Along with their first ad, they became a seamless partner of Instagram.

Their intiution was right and they gained more than 50,000 new followers. They also received more positive comments than other ads.

Ben&Jerry's Instagram campaign

 4) Michael Kors

Michal Kors attracted attention being one of the first advertiser brands on Instagram. The photo seems enormously sophisticated and suitable for Instagram but the main reason of the ad’s success is effective metrics.

The promoted post got 217,700 likes. Concerning the comments, the ad seemed unsuccessful but metrics showed that the ad was a huge hit.

Michael Kors Instagram ads

 5) Ben & Jerry’s

Inspired by the character of Will Ferrel’s Ron Burgundy, this funny image can be the best among Instagram ad campaigns.

The photo is simple and clear; ice-cream box is in the middle where Instagram heart icon appears when users click twice to like it.

Ben and Jerry's Instagram ads

Instagram provides big acquisition for brands. Nowadays, it is predictable that brands will invest more on Instagram ad campaigns.

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