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We are an advertising agency that specializes 100% in programmatic. Get the best of both worlds with cutting-edge ad tech and digital strategy expertise.

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War Room is a boutique agency that focuses 100% on programmatic advertising. Our ad services include Paid Search, Display, Social, Video, Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH), Shopping, Audio, Chinese, Metasearch/Hotel, Online Travel Agencies, and more.

We take the fear out of digital advertising. Say goodbye to wasted ad dollars. You will know exactly where your digital spend is going, why it’s working, and how to do more of it.

Say hello to War Room:

– Cross-channel advertising and granular-targeting capabilities
– Holistic, expert strategy and execution.
– Beautiful reports you can actually use and share
– Actionable data insights to optimize your campaign
– High-touch customer service every step of the way

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War Room Inc Reviews

Overall Ratings 10-50 Reviews
Comprehensive Programmatic Advertising Excellence
Exceptional Campaign Management in Programmatic Advertising

War Room Agency has consistently demonstrated excellence in managing programmatic advertising campaigns across multiple platforms including search, display, and social media. Clients appreciate their adaptability to special requests, leading to personalized and successful advertising strategies.

Innovative Strategies in Paid Advertising with Proven ROI

Clients commend War Room for their capability to scale paid advertising campaigns efficiently, significantly surpassing return on ad spend goals. Their innovative approach and proficiency in reducing cost per acquisition have been key in achieving record sales goals for businesses.

Responsiveness and Client-Centric Approach

War Room Agency is celebrated for its incredible responsiveness and excellent client service. Their commitment to understanding client needs and providing tailored solutions has led to highly successful and transparent digital campaigns.

Highly Collaborative and Engaging Team

The agency is known for its collaborative and engaging team that works closely with clients. Their professionalism and insightful approach in digital marketing make clients feel like they are part of a unified team, enhancing the overall working experience.

Diverse Industry Experience and Professionalism
Expertise Across Industries with Tailored Digital Solutions

War Room Agency's deep understanding of various industries, especially tourism and hospitality, has allowed them to create and execute digital campaigns that exceed expectations. Their strategic and forward-thinking approach has been instrumental in delivering success across campaigns.

Professional and Organized Digital Marketing Services

Clients have found War Room’s approach to be professional and organized, leading to significant improvements in programmatic, social, and PPC advertising programs. Their structured method has been effective in revitalizing digital strategies and achieving better performance.

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War Room Delivered Transformative Results for Whistler Medical Aesthetics
Whistler Medical Aesthetics is an aesthetics clinic located in the beautiful Whistler, BC. They chose for their clinic to be in Whistler...
War Room Inc. Drove Conversions & Delivered Sun Peaks Resort’s Best Season Ever
Sun Peaks Resort is a year-round resort situated just outside of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. War Room Inc.’s client, Tourism...
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War Room Inc

War Room Inc is looking for a Senior Account Manager to join their team in Vancouver.


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War Room Inc

War Room Inc is looking for a Senior Digital Analyst to join their team in Vancouver.