BBC To Launch A New VR Studio

BBC has announced their new content studio, BBC VR Hub, dedicated to VR production.

The aim of the new studio will be exploring the impacts of VR on creating real audience and working closely with BBC program makers and digital associates for planning new VR projects.

Zillah Watson, who if the head of content commissioning at VR Hub commented:

Our research shows that for as long as the quantity of high-quality content remains low, and the experience remains cumbersome, mainstream audiences won’t use VR. That’s why we’re focussing on a small number of high impact pieces that have broad, mainstream appeal.

We want to excite audiences by creating the most enthralling experiences imaginable using the power of VR. So with every commission, we will target a specific set of audience needs and occasions, ensuring that each piece is compelling enough to make people want to put on a headset.

BBC has been releasing various VR experiences on Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, the Oculus Rift, and with this week’s launch of Home – A VR Spacewalk, the HTC Vive so far.

We Wait, Oculus Rift

Home – A VR Spacewalk,Oculus Rift & Steam

Since BBC known as the most trusted broadcast news brands in the world, and the company reaches a notably high number of people across UK in each day, it seems that BBC VR Hub can benefit from the size of the audience that BBC had already created.

As Watson also states in her blog post, this new VR content production studio can play a significant role in terms of bringing Virtual Reality into the mainstream.

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