The Sky Has No Limit – Marriott Brings A New Visual Touch To Digital Advertising

Together with Kinetic, Marriott Hotels revealed the first futuristic outdoor advertising campaign, appeared in the night sky.

As part of its Travel Brilliantly campaign, Marriott decided on creating an extraordinary project supported by Echo, which is a projection technology presented by a UK startup Lightvert.

Echo defined as a new type of patent-protected persistence of vision (PoV) display technology, which temporarily and safely prints an image directly onto the viewers’ eye.

Lightvert ECHO In Action

Thanks to this “persistence of vision” technique, the iconic European landmarks which are Eiffel Tower and the Colosseum in Rome, have been visible only when people moved their heads and the ads have been beamed to audiences on London’s South Bank for 3 days.

John Licence, vice-president premium and select brands Europe at Marriott International, said:

We wanted to bring a magical new experience to London this Christmas and this campaign does exactly that by mixing cutting-edge technology with iconic imagery of beautiful landmarks that will appeal to anyone with a sense of wanderlust.


Rosh Singh, director of digital innovation at Kinetic, has also added:

Lightvert’s Echo technology is a real glimpse into the future, bringing something very special to audiences on the move and taking out-of-home to a completely new level for advertisers.

The campaign was co-ordinated by Kinetic, an out-of-home advertising agency. Wavemaker, the media agency of Marriott was also another associated name behind this brand-new project.