Asena Arica

Cruising between the following roles: Advertiser, Senior Copywriter and Content Editor. I’ve written copies for brands, and devised creative ideas for about 7 years. Enthusiastic about everything I do, creative writing is one of my biggest passions. Excited to work at DAN as a Creative Content Executive.

NEWS | Digital Marketing Industry News

Digital City Expo Speaker Agenda Unveiled Featuring Social Chain, DEPT and The BBC

The agenda for this year’s Digital City Expo has been released on the Digital City Festival website – giving attendees the opportunity to plan their visit to the landmark two-day event coming to Manchester Central Convention Complex on March 11th and 12th. More than 60 industry speakers from digital marketing, tech and beyond have already …

WORK | Digital Ad Campaigns

Facebook Released Its First-Ever Super Bowl Ad, ‘MoreTogether’ Promoted Rocky Balboa And The Groups Feature

Created with Wieden + Kennedy, Sylvester Stallone and Chris Rock “rocked” the platform using the Groups feature. Chris Rock, alongside Sylvester Stallone brought a big rocket to Facebook’s Big Game spot. The platform’s first attempt into the Big Game promotes a feature that the company has yet to monetize: groups. Sylvester Stallone and Chris Rock …

WORK | Social Media Campaigns

Amazing Instagram Story Ads From The Creative Brands

Why should we focus on Instagram Story ads? Instagram has made an an epic score of 1B users in global, and now one of the largest social media platforms onnile. It is also the ideal podium on which to market a variety of products and services if you are looking to expand your business, plus, …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

An Ultimate Guide For Apple’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Apple’s marketing has become a benchmark for other companies that want to reach similar heights of recognition and revenue. Whether you are a top tier content marketing agency or a service software or a product, you can learn the biggest marketing tips from Apple. Here are the company’s 10 best-known techniques: 1. Simplicity. In Apple marketing, there …

WORK | Digital Ad Campaigns

Digital Marketing Campaigns of All Times That Help Famous Brands Grow

Establishing a business is easy, but running and growing is the most challenging part in the industry. In order to grow properly and effectively, digital marketing campaigns intend to grow your business in a number of ways. First of them is creating a brand awareness, secondly, making a comeback and the third one is as …

WORK | Social Media Campaigns

Pantone Will Present Its Color Commentary On Social Media During Super Bowl

After 2 rivaling teams have similar color schemes on Super Bowl, the Colour Institute Company plans to post some insights on Intagram and Twitter. Pantone seems very excited for the Super Bowl this year. That’s because this is the first time two teams with alike color schemes will be competing against each other at the …

WORK | Digital Ad Campaigns

Have A Creative Break With The 3D-Printed ‘Kitkat Kit’

The Kitkat Kit even has an operating manual for the sprue for the fans of the famous snack to ‘have a break’. KitKat wanted to reinvent its famous creative message to show how even the most intricate and demanding hobbies are better if you occasionally have a break. It teamed up with Airfix for a …

WORK | VR / AR Marketing

An “Instagrammable” AR Marketing Campaign from IKEA: Müpolash

Ikea detected the brand’s most popular and combibed mug, pot, lamp and shelf and create an odd product and even displayed it at the Design Museum of Gent! Ikea wants to increase its reach on Instagram with a newly created object. According to the new campaign, Müpolash is to become the platform’s most posted object. …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Take Notes On Samsung’s Most Clever and Successful Digital Marketing Strategies

The world’s most tech-savvy, South-Korean rooted global brand, Samsung draws ...

BLOG | Digital Marketing

6 Key Points About The Digital Marketing Strategy Of BMW

To study BMW as a brand, we first need to point out that the web presence is not just a for selling products. It is also a ‘vehicle’ to position the brand and satisfies their goals with poise. BMW is considered as one of the leading producers of luxury and state of the art vehicles …

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