Agency Growth Events Uses AI to Matchmake Digital Agencies With Brands

Agency Growth Events (AGE) is a networking first series of virtual events designed to matchmake Digital Agencies and Brands into one-on-one video meetings, fostering meaningful business connections.

The series consist of three events; together, they’re called Season ONE:

  • 14th of October, Camp One – All About Growth
  • 16th of November, Camp Two – There’s more than one way to grow!
  • 9th-10th of December, SUMMIT – All about Brands

See the Season ONE program flow here.

Unlike other events in the digital marketing space, AGE prioritises matchmaking and networking over other formats. This way, you’ll find numerous opportunities for business development and making new connections throughout the flow of each event, with dedicated slots for conducting business meetings.

How do we get business matchmaking right at Agency Growth Events?

Business matchmaking is a complex undertaking. The needs and wants of different parties need to be understood and documented thoroughly, mapped together and forged into selection criteria to enable the first layer of matchmaking, purely based on the data collected.

That said, all savvy marketing professionals know there’s a difference between what people put on forms and what they actually want or need. This inherent gap presents organisers of matchmaking sessions with a second challenge: Uncovering what people actually want and need from their actions and applying the proper context with a certain weighting to create that perfect match feeling.


Sounds complicated, right? Let’s have a look at how the team behind Agency Growth Events delivers on this promise successfully.

The first principle is the uncompromised data discipline displayed during the registration steps. Brands and Digital Agencies register to Agency Growth Events through different avenues:

  • Brands go through a complimentary registration form, through which they submit their burning digital questions and complete their profiles.
  • Whereas, Agencies follow the Season Pass route, filling out a separate form in the process.

Here, the secret ingredient is the cleverly mapped data fields to create the Brands vs Agencies context and let the matchmaking engine do the job by taking into consideration the following:

  • Digital Topics of Interest vs Services Provided by Agencies
  • Industry vs Target Growth Industry
  • Location vs Target Growth Market
  • Company Size

The information supplied by Brands allows Agency Growth Events to process what digital topics Brands are interested in, which industry each Brand operates in as well as location and company size data.

A similar process takes place for Digital Agencies. The pre-live phase of matchmaking is quickly sorted because AGE also knows which services Digital Agencies provide, the growth industries and markets they target, location and agency size data.

The virtual event experience: What to expect from Camp One in October?

Once the event platform is live for Camp One, Brands and Agencies will be able to log in and immediately see the meaningful matches & recommendations our virtual event platform’s engine will have curated for them based on previously submitted event registration data.

This is where we embark on tackling the second challenge mentioned previously: How to understand and what people actually want and fine-tune the matchmaking experience?

CE Banner (840x104) 3

For this, Agency Growth Events rely on their AI-backed virtual event platform provider and silver sponsor GRIP. After the initial matchmaking mapping has been created, the system starts learning from users’ actions on the platform. The most important ones are:

  • which connection suggestions get approved,
  • which ones get rejected, and
  • post-meeting ratings supplied by the attendees.

By continuously learning the respective connection profiles each user finds useful, the system keeps on suggesting relevant matches for both Agencies and Brands.

The significant benefit of inventing a multi-event Season model is to bank the learnings from each event to improve the business matchmaking algorithms in the pursuit of curating that must-attend experience in the promising virtual format Agency Growth Events Season ONE will offer.

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About Agency Growth Events

Organised by Precision Communities, Agency Growth Events (AGE) is a series of virtual events and a Community HUB where Digital Agencies, Brands, Technology Vendors and Investors meet. In its inaugural Season ONE, AGE aims to bring together 500 Brands, 500 Agencies and 50 Tech providers throughout three events in Q4 of 2021.

Agency Growth Events launched with a mission to help digital agencies meet new clients, find new partners, access innovative technologies and drive growth journeys. The virtual events and the community Hub are hosted on an award-winning AI-powered platform, matchmaking the right people to have the right conversations.

Agency Growth Events Season ONE kicks off in October with Camp One on the 14th of October 2021.