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Snap Inc. Releases A New Product Called Spectacles

Snap Inc. – aka. Snapchat broke big news by announcing its first hardware product “Spectacles”.

It was first announced on Friday and, details are coming gradually.  Spectacles, or Specs are a video-recording sunglasses available in three colors: black, teal or coral.

The company says that Snap Inc.’s Spectacles are glasses that come with a built-in Snap video camera. Videos recorded are saved in a new format that is called circular video format and plays full screen on other products as well. The video is recorded through a 115-degree-angle lens.

Spectacles record 10 seconds at a time when the user taps the button on the top left corner of the glasses. To add more, user can tap again and is able to record up to 30 seconds of continuous videos. There’s a light that will let people know the Specs are recording.

Snapchat, of course, connects to Spectacles, even though, the device can work without the use of a phone. The videos can be transferred wirelessly to Snapchat.

The glasses come with a charging case that charges the Specs automatically when they’re stored. One charge for the glasses lasts about a day.

Here’s the video introducing Spectacles,



Evan Spiegel, the CEO of the Snap Inc. stated about his new release,

We’re going to take a slow approach to rolling them out.

According to rumors, it’s because he doesn’t want his product to fail easily, like Google Glass.



Spectacles will be available in a limited run this fall, and they cost $129.99.

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