Seamless Collaboration: David Nieper Appoints The SEO Works to Manage SEO & PPC

Exciting British fashion brand David Nieper has selected multi-award-winning digital agency The SEO Works to manage a combination of both their SEO and PPC.

Established in the heart of Derbyshire, the family-owned business has been producing premium women’s wear for well over 60 years. Their impressive dressmaking heritage is derived from a commitment to manufacturing within the UK, using traditional skills such as sewing and knitting. Not only that, but David Nieper ensures that all of this is done sustainably, promoting a high level of environmental responsibility.

Their dedication to staying true to traditional methods has paid dividends for David Nieper throughout its history. However, as the world became more and more digitally reliant, it was clear that a traditional marketing approach could cause limitations to further growth.

With this in mind, the David Nieper team decided to invest in a brand-new website as part of their plan to accelerate their digital presence. With a blank canvas to work with, it was imperative to hit the ground running in regards to reaching their existing audience, as well as exploring new ones too – this is where The SEO Works came in.

Following the initial enquiry from David Nieper for assistance with SEO and PPC, came several in-depth audits from the respective teams at The SEO Works. The resulting findings were incorporated into the pitch process, and it became clear that the Sheffield-based agency would be best suited to lead these campaigns.

Christopher Nieper OBE, Chief Executive Officer of David Nieper, said:

It’s a pleasure to find an agency that will go the extra mile to satisfy their clients. I’m optimistic about good results with The SEO Works!

Having already utilised both their internal resources and external consultancy to progress both SEO and PPC, the addition of the award-winning agency would look to lean on their proven expertise to take things to the next level.

The proposed strategy will bring plenty of change, including incorporating lead generation-focused adverts to help drive new business, further in-depth keyword research to help locate target audiences, and expert support in the early stages of their new website launch.

Alex Hill, Sales Director of The SEO Works, said:

Working with a prestigious company like David Nieper is a great opportunity for us! The distinct ability of our SEO and PPC teams to work in unison has allowed us to generate some spectacular results for our clients, and I know that this campaign will be no different. Our proven track record of successful clients within the fashion sector also makes me believe that we are best placed to help deliver results that David Nieper are worthy of!

The SEO Works specialises in SEO, PPC, Digital PR, Web and Paid Social advertising and has many clients within the Fashion sector including Glass Onion Vintage, Estella Bartlett, Simply Feet and Palaleather.

About David Nieper

David Nieper is a distinctively British brand, creating beautifully enduring fashion pieces. Their designs are timeless with a nod to the contemporary, combining comfort and flattering style in clothes that bring you confidence.

About The SEO Works

The SEO Works are an award-winning provider of digital marketing and websites for leading brands and prospering SME’s across the UK. We help businesses measure, understand, and fulfil their online potential.