In Marketing We Trust Predicts Tough Year for Travel Marketers

2024 is shaping up to be a tough year for marketers and travel marketers in particular, according to independent and expert travel digital marketing agency, In Marketing We Trust.

The trends and issues this year are of course, AI and increasing data privacy regulations, with the travel market distinctly affected due to its more global nature. To help travel marketers in the months ahead, In Marketing We Trust is hosting a series of webinars focused on the changing privacy regulations and top trends for travel companies in 2024.

In Marketing We Trust CEO, Paul Hewett, said:

In the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape, travel brands are experiencing significant changes. These changes range from deprecating third-party cookies and increased consumer privacy regulations to the accelerated adoption of AI. Acknowledging the concerns our valued partners in the travel community raised, we’ve taken a proactive approach. We’ve prepared a series of webinars tailored for travel marketers to address these critical shifts. Our goal is to equip marketing teams with the knowledge and strategies to navigate this new environment confidently.

In a recent podcast with Nine, CEO of ADMA (Australia’s largest marketing and advertising association), and In Marketing We Trust client, Andrea Martens stated that 2024 was the “most pivotal year for marketers in decades.”

Travel marketers in Australia need to comply with frequently updated privacy reforms around the world, including the well-known GDPR, cookie deprecation and the recent roll-out of the EU Digital Services Act to anyone with users in the European Economic Area (EEA).

New types of data not previously considered to be PII (personally identifiable information), like geolocation data will likely soon be considered personal data, which means big changes to the way we collect, process, analyse and of course act on our data, particularly for the travel industry where geolocation data can play an important role.

The first in the series of webinars, In Marketing We Trust is hosting is set to help travel marketers navigate data privacy. They’ll also be talking about cookie deprecation and how travel marketers can prepare. Focusing on the big trends for 2024, they’ll also be talking about how to move AI from innovation to execution.

Hewett stated:

These webinars demonstrate our commitment to understanding travel marketers’ concerns and providing practical solutions. We’re here to guide the travel community through these changes, ensuring travel brands are well-prepared to continue thriving in a transformed digital marketing ecosystem.

In Marketing We Trust has specialised in the travel industry for over ten years with clients such as Expedia, Skyscanner, Globus family of brands, Journey Beyond, KAYAK, Tourism Australia and Destination Gold Coast trusting them for their digital marketing expertise, including data governance.