Frontkom Redesigned the Website of Casio Music

Frontkom created a new website with modern design and functionality for a fast-growing brand, Casio Music

About Casio Music

Casio Music is a market leader in music production equipment and accessories. Their products include digital pianos, hybrid pianos, keyboards, and synthesizers.

The Challenge

The team at Casio saw that their website functionally was obsolete and needed a comprehensive redesign.

The new design was to do the following:

  • Generate leads for the Casio Distribution Network
  • Clearly tell users where to buy Casio products
  • Explain the benefits of buying from an authorized dealer

Another priority was to ensure that mobile users, who are a growing group of customers and distributors, had the same online experience as desktop users.


The Solution

It was decided to build an entirely new website from the ground up with a focus on engaging design that effectively communicated Casio’s brand values. The new website is easy to navigate, user-friendly, and lets a user find what they’re looking for quickly and accurately.

How Frontkom Worked

Regular status meetings with the client, combined with the agile work methodology, meant that the client was 
an integral part of the creative aspect of their redesign. These meetings, combined with the agile workflow guaranteed transparency, flexibility, and ensure both parties were working toward a common goal.



Using the WooCommerce plugin, Casio’s inventory is now presented to potential customers in a clear and organized way. Users can also find authorized Casio dealers and service providers thanks to geolocation functionality.

Administrators of the new website have an easier job, thanks to Ninja Forms which collects enquiries in an efficient and easy-to-read way.

From a backend perspective, Gulp made it easier for us to deploy Frontkom’s work, and the client to see progress sooner. GIT version control system empowered the Casio team to have full control of the final look, as they could revert to previous designs of the website at any time.


The changes made to the Casio website have had a positive result. The flow of both desktop and mobile users into physical Casio dealers has increased, thus increasing sales of the brand.

To this day, Frontkom still works with Casio on an ongoing basis, performing maintenance and building other projects, such as ‘Casio School’.

Zofia Bogusławska, Brand Manager, Zibi Group S.A., Casio Music said:

Frontkom’s staff was always eager to provide 
us with state-of-the-art solutions focused on our goals.

About Frontkom

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