War Room Inc. Ran a Campaign for Adidas to Increase Engagement

War Room Inc. worked to increase engagement Adidas’ target demographic with their advertising services.

Adidas is one of the world’s leading sports fashion brands and retailers, specializing in high-quality equipment, clothing, and services for active lifestyles.

The Goal

“Score Big With Online Sales”

Adidas’ goal for this campaign was to increase engagement amongst their target demographic during the off-season of soccer. They also wanted to boost website traffic in order to drive greater online sales. They reached out to War Room specifically for their advertising services to:

  • Increase overall engagement, impressions, and email opt-in via retailer newsletter through a variety of channels, including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Increase sales from $900K to $1.1 Million by increasing traffic to online stores.

The Challenge

“Setting Up For The Free-Kick”

Improving the online brand experience for Adidas required a granular approach. Their campaign included a consortium, which consisted of individual sub-stakeholders: LA Galaxy, Philadelphia Union, Chicago Fire, Lids, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Major League Soccer, and Rally House.

Thus, there were 3 major challenges in regards to scoring big for this campaign:

  1. Adidas needed to manage the expectations and data of their consortium partners – providing each partner visibility into their own micro-campaigns while maintaining control of the overall ad campaign.
  2. They required high-level visibility to see the campaign from a whole and visibility into the individual components.
  3. Adidas wanted to seek out and target their consumers in micro-moments and serve them relevant ads. Through those ads, War Room Inc. would leverage ad tech and their team’s expertise to learn, act, adapt and scale the campaign across all customer touchpoints. This included paid media — web, mobile, video, and social — and sync them with the proper CRM channels.

The Execution

“Bending Data Like Beckham”

War Room Inc. made all information available to Adidas at the top level. They separated individual data sets for every single individual stakeholder on a permission basis. This meant that stakeholders would have access to their own private data sets for monitoring and making thorough analysis.

This also ensured that each stakeholder could effectively meet their own goals, all while Adidas met their overall sales targets. When sharing the smaller parts of the consortium, War Room Inc. did it at an aggregate level.

To reach the entire target demographic of consumers most likely to convert, War Room implemented multiple consumer touchpoints through the digital advertising strategy. These included:

  • Facebook
  • Display
  • Native
  • Retargeting
  • Lookalike models
  • Lead scoring technology

By leveraging these tools, War Room Inc. could ensure that the momentum of consumer trust continued to build from seeing the first ad well into the later stage of purchase.

These diverse touchpoints were paired with a variety of targeting techniques to segment consumers. War Room layered together: Behaviours, Geography, Demographics, Contextual, and Keywords to maximize conversions.

Because the stakeholders were retailers like Lids, Rally House, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and MLS Store, War Room Inc. built off the momentum of sports fans. It meant that they could laser-focus on the largest, relevant audience, Major League Soccer fans, who already had pre-existing retail brand loyalty. Because the audience reach was extensive yet relevant, War Room Inc. knew that they could expect strong consumer engagement.

The Result

“We Need Bigger Goalposts”

Why? Their campaign generated $600K in additional sales for Adidas — which was 3 times their goal!

Across all ad formats, a total of 1,507,839 clicks were achieved, with the top-performing ads seeing Click-Through Rates (CTR) well over the 6X global benchmark.

Additionally, the overall conversion rates and social ad CTRs were significantly higher than global benchmarks and category benchmarks, as illustrated in the graph:


War Room Inc. was able to combine multiple consumer touchpoints with precise targeting and extensive consumer reach. War Room Inc. was also able to create a segment where they leveraged pre-existing brand loyalty to augment consumer likelihood to purchase. This meant that Adidas could draw an easy baseline for effective online eCommerce practices in the US market.

But most importantly, War Room’s analytical approach to data and ad placements at a granular level was able to give Adidas a proven strategy to optimize campaign dollars among multiple levels for tangible clicks and sales.

  • The campaign generated a total of 297 million total impressions across 288 unique ad formats and targeted placements.
  • Of the 300K views, 225,267 users watched the ad to 100% completion – an overall completion rate of 72%.
  • The campaign was optimized over time using predictive technology to promote ad formats that generated a combination of increased CTR performance and desirable conversion rates.

The Testimonial

Leah Citron, MLS Associate Marketing Manager, Adidas Soccer said:

War Room helped us scale our digital marketing strategy quickly and efficiently. We needed to reach a broad market with many competitors, and War Room made our strategy feel personal, which is one of the reasons we wanted to work with this boutique firm. They engaged us with planning exercises and conversations and made sure our international teams always stayed in the loop.

About War Room Inc.

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