War Room Delivered Transformative Results for Whistler Medical Aesthetics

Whistler Medical Aesthetics is an aesthetics clinic located in the beautiful Whistler, BC. They chose for their clinic to be in Whistler because part of what they do is what they’re surrounded by, which is nature and beauty.

They wanted the medical practice to be seated in things that inspire them. They provide a variety of premium treatment services for the face and body, including body sculpting, injectables, laser, micro-needling, and more. As an aesthetics clinic, its mission is to help people feel their best and look their best.

Whistler Medical Aesthetics invested in traditional advertising (print and radio) and ran some online ads in-house, but wanted better leads while being cost-effective. They were looking for an advertising partner to take over (and rock) their digital strategy, so they could focus on scaling the business! Enter: War Room Inc.

The Goal

Look & Feel Your Best

The aesthetics industry often suffers from the “sea of sameness,” which is the status quo of the Hollywood, exaggerated, “fake” look. Instead, they strive to destigmatize the industry by providing holistic, top-of-the-class services. They aim to do so in the most natural and less intrusive way possible because they want their clients to look and feel great, glowing from inside out.

The advertising objective was to capture the right audience’s attention and convert them into customers by booking a consultation.

The Challenge

Injecting a New Strategy

In the aesthetics industry, advertising is highly regulated and needs to be tuned with finesse, like injections in one’s face. Whistler Medical Aesthetics couldn’t afford to have any off-brand advertising!

Their original marketing strategy included running some simple Facebook Ads and investing in traditional advertising (in their case, magazine and radio ads), which is costly. They found that their traditional advertising partners struggled to portray their brand accurately and convey their passion and commitment as a business. This translated into impressions in the local populace but low conversion rates.

Whistler Medical Aesthetics needed a customized digital advertising strategy to granularly target the right people who understand who they are, what they do as a business, and who show a desire for their services.

The War Room team needed to generate a bit of brand awareness, hyper-target the right audience, and drive conversions for Whistler Medical Aesthetics.

The Execution

Nip & Tuck

Whistler Medical Aesthetics took a leap of faith. They deactivated all of their other advertising streams to test the direct impact War Room’s campaigns would drive.

War Room worked with the Whistler team and their design partner, Hangar18 to craft the right language, imagery, and landing pages to properly convey their brand image and voice.

They needed to establish Whistler Medical’s digital presence by placing their brand in front of people who share values but haven’t heard of them.

The strategy included executing Display Ads, retargeting ads, Facebook Ads (Display and Lead Forms), and Search Ads. War Room broke up the ad topics into targeted service categories, like Coolsculpting, laser hair removal, and medical aesthetic services.

Throughout the campaign, the collection of audience behavioral data allowed them to adjust for audiences with higher purchase intent. Some optimizations War Room made include age range, geographic location, budget reallocation to the best-performing audience, devices, and more.

The Results

Brow Lifts & Revenue Lifts

Whistler Medical Aesthetic was pleased to find that the type of people who have converted due to the ads was precisely the type of people they were looking to connect with.

Take a look at their case study video with Paul Kennea, the Managing Director of Whistler Medical Aesthetics:

Here are some of the most notable results:

  • Conversion Rate: War Room exceed the industry average conversion rate; Google Search Ad conversion rates were 4.64% (VS Health+Medical industry has an average of 3.36%)
  • Online Traffic: Within the first month of the campaign going live, War Room saw an increase of over 60% in online traffic to their website. 30% of this was from Paid Ads. This means brand awareness leads to an increase in organic traffic.
  • Gross Income: Two months into the campaign, the client had already observed a hike in campaign performance: there was a Gross Income increase of 66%.
  • Revenue: After seeing a 66% increased in Gross Income in the second month, the momentum continued to build. There is a 25-30% increase in revenue Month Over Month (MOM).

Because Whistler Medical Aesthetics chose to put all their eggs in the War Room basket, they could attribute all the results directly to their campaigns.

By eliminating previous ad formats, such as radio and print, Whistler Medical Aesthetics now spends 50% less than before but with 25% more return. Removing ad spend areas that weren’t driving return meant they could better invest their dollars more effectively!

Dr. Sarah Kennea, Founder & Medical Director, Whistler Medical Aesthetics said:

War Room alleviated all of my concerns about working with a professional agency. The briefings were positive and realistic, this was a long-term project, that needed commitment from us and I was happy to work with them. The Account Managers are amazing. Above all else, they listen.

We have a fairly unique business structure, and it took some time to get there, as COVID-19 caused delays, but we saw massive returns in Month 1 of going live. And not just returns, we saw a significant uptake in the right people that we wanted to come to our business. I am excited about the year ahead. I highly recommend War Room.

About War Room Inc.

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