Clear Digital Empowers Surescripts to Connect Healthcare with a Streamlined Digital Experience

As a company dedicated to making healthcare better for all, Surescripts plays an essential role in a vital market.

Surescripts solutions help healthcare professionals across a wide range of organization types enhance prescribing, better inform care decisions, and advance healthcare as a whole. However, did not reflect the company’s leadership position in the market or enable the type of engagement needed for optimized lead generation. From design and copywriting to technology recommendations and ongoing enhancements, the company turned to Clear Digital for an end-to-end overhaul. The result is an award-winning site that plays a powerful role in Surescripts’ marketing efforts.

Sharon Howard, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Surescripts, said:

Clear Digital understood us. We like to work hard but also have fun along the way, and they were right there with us. It never felt like we were just working a “vendor.” It was more like were all part of the same team. No question was too small, no concern too trivial. Their commitment to our success really shone through.

Creating More Impact With Color

In the past, the Surescripts website used limited colors, with a white background and copy-heavy content. The refresh gave us the opportunity to bring in more of their brand color palette. From color gradient overlays on photography to heavier hits of color in the background, color played an important part in the new look.


Building Engagement with Animations & Videos

Adding more video components to the site was a key part of expanding how Surescripts delivers content to its audiences. This included illustrative videos that Surescripts designed and the Clear Digital team animated, as well as videos using traditional footage. We helped make these a more branded component by using color swipes that showcased the brand palette. Ensuring the videos were short and optimized for load time was a critical consideration. In fact, even with the addition of more video components, the load time compared to the old site has improved.

Expanding the Iconography

The Surescripts site had used icons in the past, but to create more visual interest, we brought in more options. We expanded their icon library by almost 4X and integrated color into the icons for added variation.

A UI Kit to Set Surescripts Up for Success

Building better micro interactions across the site was a key strategy for improving engagement. We wanted to reinforce user input and add in more hover states and other options that the Surescripts team can continue to leverage from their own UI toolkit.

Using Personas to Tailor the Journey

The Surescripts marketing team had a robust set of personas they used for messaging and sales actions. Our UX team worked closely with the client to focus the web personas on those most likely to engage with the site. We then grouped related motivations, challenges, and knowledge gaps to identify themes and categories, and develop custom information flows.

Gathering Firsthand Site Perspective

At the outset of the project, we ran a two-week pop-up survey of visitors to the Surescripts site to gather real-world perspective. Our goal was to understand engagement patterns, including the types of content they were looking for and their perception of the current site. The data confirmed the need for an update and easier access to information.

Optimizing the Front- and Back-End Experience

From a technology standpoint, our team was wholly focused on ensuring an outstanding experience. Surescripts wanted to move to a new content management system to improve the site’s back-end performance and make it easier to stand up landing pages. The Clear team helped them assess their options and select the best fit for their needs—Drupal. We also worked on ensuring site responsiveness across desktop, mobile and wide screen.

Elevating the Experience With a New Sitemap

Surescripts had two goals for the new site: demonstrate the breadth of their solution offerings and reinforce the company’s leadership position. Building upon the survey and persona refinement process, we developed a new sitemap that accomplished these core objectives. The company also took the opportunity of a new site to rearchitect its solution portfolio, which launched with the new site.

Visual and Verbal Storytelling

To bring the new site to life, the Clear team wireframed and wrote copy for every page. We defined new structures for each page to more clearly highlight the story and connect with all stakeholders. With a richer narrative and segmentation integrated throughout the pages, we created more opportunities for engagement.

While the new pages ended up having more content, we made the information more accessible by breaking up the copy and integrating more visuals. The pages are now easily scannable and digestible.

Delivering Real-World Results

With a more vibrant visual style and digestible content, the new has elevated visitor engagement and delivered on the company’s goals. Site performance has shown significant improvement.

  • + 81% Page Views
  • +37% Average Session Duration
  • -10% Bounce Rate

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