Volvo Builds Up An Open-for-All Digital Library To Share 60 Years Of Safety Knowledge

The brand is building an easy to access-online library, promoted with a short film.

It’s increasingly come to light that women are more likely to get injured in a car crash–partly because male crash test dummies are the standard. Feminist writer Caroline Criado-Perez has been highlighting the issue recently in a new book about data, and now Volvo is getting in on the issue by sharing its own safety research.

Gustaf Larson, Co-founder of Volvo said,

Cars are driven by people. The guiding principle behind everything we make at Volvo therefore is, and must remain, safety.


The global campaign, by Forsman & Bodenfors called The E.V.A. Initiative (Equal Vehicles for All), Volvo is building an online library and encouraging others in the car industry to use it, in the interest of building safer cars.

The announcement symbolises the company’s philosophy of boosting safety through sharing knowledge that helps save lives and comes on the 60-year anniversary of what may have been the most important invention in the history of automotive safety, the three-point safety belt.

Senior Technical Specialist at Volvo Cars Safety Centre, Dr Lotta Jakobsson said in a statement,

By collecting real-world data for a long time, it has been possible to identify what injuries arise in different accidents for men, women, and children.

Sophia Lindholm, a Creative behind the campaign says,

As a woman stepping into a car, you just assume you are as well protected as a man. Unfortunately, this is not true in all cars–which is why Volvo wants to highlight this issue and actually do something about it” she continues. The campaign comes as one of a raft of new safety initiatives launched by Volvo recently–including technology that uses cameras and sensors to tell if the driver is drunk.

The short film above is directed by Laerke Herthoni via New Land, promotes the website, as well as outdoor and print ads too. Also check our brand new automotive marketing agencies in the Australia directory if you’re looking for one.