Twitter Acquires Niche Social Media Talent Agency

Twitter announced it’s acquiring Niche, a startup that provides monetization strategies and software to the community on Twitter and Vine.

Twitter now has a plan to make money on Vine, the video app it acquired three years ago. Twitter declined to disclose the terms of the deal. According to a person familiar with the situation, the deal was worth $45 to $50 million, including earn-outs.

In a blog post, Baljeet Singh, Twitter’s director of product management said;

As we continue to invest in the growing media ecosystem, it’s important to provide a wide variety of tools for content creators to distribute and ultimately manage all of their content.

Niche has been a key partner to both Twitter and Vine over the last year. The company has helped fuel the creator economy by developing leading technology, consisting of free, cross-platform analytics, as well as connecting the creative community directly with the world’s biggest brands.

twitter acquired niche

Niche’s free platform plays the middleman between social media stars and over 100 brands and agencies who want to get their message out but don’t want to go through traditional routes.

Advertisers are eager to turn these enigmatic talents into pitchmen and women on Facebook’s Instagram app, Google’s YouTube and Twitter’s own Vine video service. Niche helps them find the right Internet celebrity, or “influencer,” and target the specific audience.

The deal will let Twitter link advertisers directly to people who understand how to make content go viral on Vine, Twitter’s six-second video-streaming service, and Google’s YouTube, which also hosts video creators that work with Niche.

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