5 Things to Avoid Failure In Social Media Marketing

If you have ever been in a part of running a social media platform for a business and use social media for personal use, you will know that it is a completely different ball game.

Especially when you are doing it for the first time, your only experience is personal use. So, how are you supposed to know what to avoid in the mystery that is social media marketing for businesses?

This article will outline social media marketing mistakes to avoid as a business marketing on any social media platform. Whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or anything else these all apply.

A marketing agency will know how to harvest your brand’s socials to their full potential and dedicate time to growing these, so this could be something to consider for the future.

Following/Interacting With Profiles

The first thing Prototype Creative says to always avoid on social media is interacting or following random profiles for the sake of it. Prototype Creative understands the big hype around follow for following, but as a business that won’t cut it…

You will have more followers but is there any quality concerning your business within that pool of followers? Also, liking a bunch of random posts and commenting can be good, you will be seen but you need to ensure you are doing this on the right accounts for the right type of exposure.

When following/interacting you should always look under relevant hashtags or searches that relate to your business industry or target audience. These people will be the valuable interactions that could bring you more customers.

Growing a following of random people may lead to fewer interactions from the right accounts because these people won’t necessarily be interested in the content you post.

Don’t Create the Same Type of Content

Too many businesses fall victim to this mistake, they constantly recycle the same forms of content and find themselves losing followers and engagement. It is understandable though; businesses don’t always have time to think of a content marketing strategy to diversify the stuff they post.

Sometimes it could be more beneficial to hire a dedicated social media marketing agency such as Bite Digital specialized in industry research and content creation.

Sometimes, all it takes is some research into competitors and current trends on each social platform to figure out what will perform well and how to mix it up. If you are a business selling shoes, for example, it is best to have a variety of promotional content alongside company updates, user-generated content, giveaways, and everyday updates.

Becoming Inactive

It is important to keep posting on social media or showing you are active through using other features such as stories, IGTV, Reels, etc. If people see you haven’t posted in months, you risk losing followers and reduce the trust that social media can provide for your business.

It also reduces the chances of exposure to new potential customs and followers.

Social media doesn’t require hours every day to be spent on it to interact and show you are active, but it is always best to try to keep at it and update your profiles on a regular basis.

Writing and Copying the Exact Same Post for Each Platform

This is a big mistake for any business that does this. Using the same post with the same text, hashtags, emojis and tone of voice to be posted across several social media channels. If you are posting a Tweet with hashtags and emojis over on LinkedIn, it won’t go down as well as it will on Twitter.

LinkedIn is a platform that professional business users use. You may have been able to add many hashtags and emojis in your Tweet, but it is best to cut this down when posting to LinkedIn. Also, check to make sure your tone is correct because what may be informal on Twitter should be more formal on LinkedIn.

Prototype Creative’s best tip here is to always be cautious of what you are posting and where it is going. A great example of social media accounts with diverse content is Bite Digital.

Not Scheduling Content

Not having social posts scheduled is a big mistake! You should always make sure you schedule content to go out on specific dates for the month ahead. If you do this, then you aren’t worrying about what to post when you realize you have fallen behind on posting.

It also saves you forgetting and makes sure that your time isn’t being wasted day-to-day thinking about what to post.

If you want more reasons on why it is a good idea to schedule your content, especially in 2021, head to this blog post here.


Those are Prototype Creative’s top five mistakes to avoid as a business account on social media. As a guideline, if you stay away from these then you should be able to fetch in the valuable users and leave out the rest. There is no point in having a huge social media presence and followers if the majority of those aren’t even committed or interested in your brand.

Stay active and remember that social media is an important part of digital marketing if done correctly and researched, planned and executed properly.

Sometimes, making sure your social media is in tip-top shape requires constant overview. This is something an established digital marketing agency, Bite Digital is able to help you with.