5 Steps to Grow Your Twitter Account Organically

With the rapid shift to digitization following COVID-19, strengthening your social media presence is more important than ever. With over 300 million daily users, Twitter is an incredibly powerful platform for businesses to connect, engage and influence their audience on a powerful scale. 

Growing your community on Twitter goes beyond making your brand seem popular; it allows you to gain a better understanding of your audience and build trust with potential customers. 

Purchasing followers may seem like a good idea when getting your feet off the ground, but it is a dangerous route.

Not only is it against Twitter’s Terms of Service and can lead to your account being deleted, but buying fake followers can significantly damage your brand and reputation. Taking the time to grow an authentic following of engaged users is crucial and will benefit your business in the long run.

Remember, having fewer followers who engage with your content is much more valuable than a high number of fake followers who never interact with your brand. 

Why Growing Your Twitter Account Is Essential for Your Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing has become a non-negotiable pillar of a broader marketing strategy in recent years. Social media scrolling has become a favourite pastime of tens of millions of people worldwide, so it would be foolish for brands to not try and target them where they’re already hanging out.

The potential for converting social media users into loyal customers is immense. Twitter is an important platform for doing this given the focus on communication and engagement it fosters.

Twitter, unlike other social media platforms, closes the gap between consumers and brands on a communication level. There’s something about communicating with a brand via Twitter that feels accessible and immediate, perhaps due to the focus on words over images and videos.

Communication with customers is absolutely essential for businesses to achieve success. It’s one of the best ways to ensure brand loyalty by helping customers trust and build confidence in your brand and service.

It can also help your brand spring to the front of your customers’ minds when hitting a pain point within your industry. 

So, how can you increase your brand’s Twitter followers organically? Here are five actionable steps to get you started: 

1) Define Your Target Audience

While having a high follower count can look impressive, it is meaningless if your audience doesn’t engage with your content. Therefore, defining your target demographic and knowing your niche is essential for building a community of people who can ultimately help to grow your business. 

Analyzing your competitor’s followers and content strategy will provide you with valuable insight into the type of people who would be interested in your brand, and what type of content they engage with the most. Conducting an effective competitor analysis is always a good place to start.

It’s also an excellent way to identify the keywords and hashtags used by both your competitors and target audience when discussing the topic or industry of your brand. Once you have established the main keywords, you can apply them to your own content and use them to search for potential followers and influencers. 

2) Maintain Your Brand Identity

For your brand to be both memorable and recognizable, your brand identity should be consistent across all social media channels. Using the same logo, color palette and brand voice throughout your channels will help your target audience identify and connect with your brand. 

Your profile photo is one of the first things that potential customers will notice on your page and around the platform, which is why it needs to clearly represent your brand. Logos are the most common option,  but there are some industries where a different profile photo might be more suitable.

Your header photo should also match your branding and can be used to showcase anything new related to your brand such as a campaign or photoshoot. 

When sharing visual posts, use a consistent color scheme that fits your brand. You can seek the help of a design agency to create visually coherent content quickly, easily, and successfully.

3) Engage With the Right People 

Twitter is all about making connections, but it is the specific accounts you engage with that can make all the difference to your business.

Use hashtags to engage with Twitter communities related to your brand and find relevant accounts to follow. Make use of Twitter’s “Who to Follow” feature to discover influencers within your industry and like, comment, and share their content.

Engaging with influencers will introduce them to your brand and open the door to greater exposure and collaboration possibilities.

It’s not just enough to follow new accounts and use hashtags, you need to be communicating directly with relevant accounts to help grow your Twitter account organically.

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