Best Tips for Effective B2B Communication on TikTok

What makes effective business-to-business (B2B) communication on TikTok?

To answer this question, you first need to understand what B2B marketing really is and how businesses use TikTok day-to-day.

Business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing is also an essential concept that you should consider when thinking of B2B communication because there are some critical differences between the two.

From the perspective of a TikTok agency, you must adequately understand these differences because the planning and creating process for your client’s campaigns are the bread and butter of success!

In this article, you will gain some insight into the valuable things to consider when communicating effectively in a B2B market.

B2B vs B2C

Business-to-business (B2B) is a term that refers to transactions between businesses. It refers to companies whose consumers are other businesses, therefore all of their marketing is focused on the requirements, interests, and issues on behalf of the business.

The term “business-to-consumer” (B2C) refers to a relationship between a business and its customers. Individual consumers, rather than industry buyers, are the target market.

As a result, all marketing efforts are focused on meeting the needs, interests, and issues that individuals face in their daily lives.

Communicating Effectively On TikTok – B2B

TikTok’s popularity has grown rapidly since the global pandemic and the growth of the app looks set to continue to increase in the near future – with this being said, how businesses utilize the app for all things B2B is becoming increasingly important.

Below are some key insights into what effective B2B communication on the platform looks like.

‘Don’t Be Afraid To Establish Personal Relationships’

Building personal relationships that produce long-term business is the goal of B2B marketing and lead generation. As a result, rapport building is critical in B2B marketing on TikTok, particularly during the purchase cycle.

Why? It offers you the chance to demonstrate what kind of business practices, ethics, and morals you adhere to.

This ability to interact with your target audience allows you to distinguish your company or your client’s company from the competition while also building your brand.

‘Study Your Niche’

B2B companies typically operate in a niche market (which definitely applies to TikTok too), thus knowing your target audience’s demographic is critical. Compile and evaluate correct data to effectively attract them.

Your data focus can take on a variety of shapes and sizes, both qualitative and quantitative. Generally speaking, Google Analytics and keyword research are two of the more effective data collection methods.

However, studying your customers and where their needs and interests lie is one of the greatest approaches to a better understanding of who your potential target audience is (along with relevant hashtags within your niche).

You may even determine what kinds of searches individuals are doing by actively browsing through the SERP to see what the user’s intent is for various terms.

You should have a good sense of who your target audience is if you combine your SERP findings with keyword research & Google Analytics demographic data analysis.

‘Study The Relevant Jargon’

B2B companies are considerably more likely to desire to buy services or products from a professional that is familiar with their jargon, processes, and even the considerations they must make during the purchasing process.

So, if you want to communicate with your intended audience, understand their lingo!

A B2B company selling £20,000 worth of office equipment, for example, shouldn’t be producing emotive copy that tempts the reader to buy their products in the heat of the moment.

Instead, the content should concentrate on removing emotion from the decision-making process and instilling confidence in the prospective buyer.

The equipment is being purchased in order to boost the company’s overall performance. They must remove emotion from the decision and consider the positive and negative impacts of the purchase, and the overall benefits that it will bring.

It’s critical for marketers to understand that activities that take advantage of the differences between B2B and B2C marketing will have a higher success rate when it comes to generating leads.

Regardless of which part of the B2B or B2C line a marketer works on, all marketing is person to person, regardless of the exterior differences.


The ability to create online relationships with other industry professionals is a key component of B2B marketing; just because TikTok isn’t built for professionals doesn’t mean it can’t be utilized to network successfully.

To engage with other professionals and possible leads, certain hashtags can be used.

It is just like choosing keywords for SEO — as a small company, you want to choose hashtags or buzzwords that will help you get seen.

Another method to get found and network with potential leads is to participate in audio trends which are a good match for your brand, goals, and target audience.

But don’t just follow trends for the sake of following them; pick and choose which ones will help you reach your marketing objectives.

Take Risks and Prosper!

TikTok has the capability to address the psychological barrier that traditional B2B marketing frequently leaves, and it may be a useful creative outlet for businesses trying to change up their approach and stand out from the crowd.

B2B TikTok content should ideally sell passively by showcasing your company’s personality and expertise, creating brand awareness, and pushing viewers to go down your marketing funnel.

If you still don’t think TikTok is right for your company’s image and goals, reconsider.

TikTok, like any other area of your marketing plan, is about demonstrating to clients what sets you apart.

If you don’t like what you see on TikTok from your competition, establish a new version and demonstrate to people how it’s done.

Recycling Is Good For The Planet!

Informative, instructional clips are a fantastic method to advertise to potential leads without explicitly selling to them. Creating interesting blog content is almost certainly already a component of your B2B marketing plan. Recycling similar information on TikTok has a number of advantages.

For starters, you’ve already done your homework and generated content that you know would be useful to your target audience.

Second, by using this strategy, you may increase the number of possible leads in your sales funnel.

You illustrate your company’s experience and thought leadership by compressing advice or assistance into bitesize recommendations, so indirectly marketing your services. Viewers could be enticed to read the whole story on your site by a TikTok video.

They may then be invited to join your mailing list in order to obtain additional materials from you. Your current clientele can also benefit from the educational TikTok content, eventually getting the most out of your products.