Organic Social Success Stories from Emote Digital

Social Media Management is just like the name suggests, a complete service that includes visuals and copies for all of your organic social channels.

It’s also not just about the number of likes. A strong social media presence is what turns curiosity into conversions, and helps build up a strong customer loyalty base.

It’s important to focus on the right engagement with content that relates to your brand. There is a lot that goes into your social media, from imagery, copy, to post engagement. It can be tricky to keep a consistent schedule with relevant content. The good news is that Emote Digital can do all of this for you. All you have to do is sit back and press approve.

Organic Social is often thought about last — but it is a crucial piece of your marketing. Have a look at these real-life examples of brands that have engaged us to create some killer content.

It’s Not Just Cute Pics

4Legs creates all-natural dog food that you can find in supermarkets all across Australia with feel-good, wholesome messaging. Emote Digital admits that 4Legs had a bit of an advantage when it comes to social media. There is nothing the internet loves better than a cute dog picture but that came with its own problems. How do you stand out from the crowd?

Emote Digital leveraged its social media to create an online presence that embodied their happy-go-lucky energy. This included creating on-brand imagery, as well as incorporating customer-generated content such as user reviews and pictures into the feed.

By matching their content to their tone of voice they saw a massive 161% jump in Instagram followers in just the first 30 days. They also saw incredible results on their other social media channels, including a 966% increase in Facebook engagement in the first 3 months compared to the previous period.

The results are social media pages that really got tails wagging.

  • 161% Increase in Instagram followers
  • 966% Increase in Facebook engagement

Getting in the Reps

At-home fitness has really taken off over the last few years. Getting the right workout gear or commercial scale fit-out is easy with NC Fitness. They sell everything you need to meet your workout goals but were struggling to turn clicks into conversions. As part of a complete branding overhaul, Emote Digital polished their social media to match.

Having a great social media presence isn’t just about marketing, it also creates a brand persona. NC Fitness needed an approachable and inclusive tone of voice with a focus on that ‘rise and grind’ motivational attitude. Our drive was to create a social media presence that inspires you to find your best self.

  • 1252 Average reach achieved daily
  • 14% Facebook video engagement on average

Splurge on Something Nice

How often do you scope out the Duty-Free section at the airport?

JR/Duty-Free is pretty well known by travelers but they wanted to bolster their social media presence to attract consistent patronage. Emote Digital created and managed the retail brand’s organic social media to promote their products across the globe.

Your social media isn’t just designed to be viewed. It should be engaged with. For JR/Duty-Free, Emote Digital created content that would drive interest, and promote their frequent competitions, promotions, and more. This included posts about competitions and interactive questions geared to drive an emotive response. Just hitting like wasn’t enough — Emote Digital utilized all the reactions to get their content seen. So hit that love react if you agree.

  • 23x Overall ROI from social advertising since working with Emote Digital
  • 39% Increase in revenue compared to previous year


Runs Like Clockwork

Fix My Watch is a UK-based company providing professional watch repairs in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional jewelers. Getting potential customers to trust their business with their expensive timepieces was key to driving conversions. This is where the power of social media management really pays off.

Their online presence needed to be luxurious and trustworthy with a range of customer testimonials to drive engagement. With beautiful imagery, Emote Digital created a brand that spoke to the care and bespoke nature of the expert horologists who work at Fix My Watch.

Since joining Emote Digital, Fix My Watch has seen massive growth in its social media presence. One of the biggest areas of growth was in post engagement where they saw a massive 48% increase over 12 months. This shows that a consistent and on-brand social media presence can really grow a foundation of trust with your customers. Through sharp visuals and creative copy, Emote Digital has created a social media feed that beautifully connects expert horologists to the customer.

  • 27% Increase in post reach over 12 months
  • 48% Increase in post engagement

Get the Best Ride

Best Ride is a rideshare start-up that takes the guesswork out of getting the best price.

Launching a new brand is always a challenge, especially in the crowded rideshare market. Emote Digital needed to harness the power of social media to educate customers on what makes Best Ride different. The best way to do this is with informative, engaging social media posts. Emote Digital identified their primary market and created a suite of social media posts to match with a young, friendly, and professional tone of voice.

Answering frequently asked questions and captions that inform the user about the benefits of using Best Ride worked as its own form of covert advertising. The results speak for themselves, with a 4.4% engagement rate across social posts that proves Best Ride is a vibrant and growing brand.

  • 4.4% Engagement rate
  • 114.8% Impression increase during June
  • 706,555 Total number of impressions

Are you looking to get the most out of your social media without the stress? Do you want your posts ready to go with stunning creative and interactive elements? Do you want to build trust and confidence with your customers? With the help of a seamless social media presence, you can achieve all this and more.

Let Emote Digital handle your social media with our team of creative experts.

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