How SAGE Marketing Transformed a FinTech Startup by Using a Holistic Marketing Approach

LeapXpert is a global FinTech innovative software company that enables businesses to communicate via instant messaging platforms securely and compliantly. LeapXpert’s award-winning Communication Platform is designed for regulated industries and is being used by the largest financial institutions, banks, legal, and healthcare companies.

The Challenge

LeapXpert was collaborating with multiple isolated agencies across various marketing tasks, resulting in duplicated efforts, managerial overhead, and inconsistent outcomes. Additionally, they sought a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to integrate seamlessly with their existing business operations. Their objective was to streamline sales and marketing activities, enhance the customer experience, and optimize conversion rates. Despite utilizing diverse tools and agencies to manage these activities, the absence of integration led to inefficiencies and redundant workflows.

The Goals

1. Enhance lead generation effectiveness across marketing channels.
2. Elevate brand reputation through website and sales tool improvements.
3. Develop compelling storytelling and messaging for a unique brand message.
3. Integrate and automate business processes through a unified CRM platform.
4. Optimize website experience to streamline lead generation and boost conversion rates.
5. Identify and address marketing gaps to enhance overall business performance.
6. Synchronize sales and marketing tools for improved efficiency.
7. Utilize data and analytics to measure marketing channels and activities, driving continuous improvement.

The Solution

The SAGE team swiftly became an integral part of LeapExpert, fully immersing themselves in the industry and conducting comprehensive research on competitors. Utilizing these insights, SAGE meticulously crafted the LeapExpert brand, developing precise and distinctive messaging, captivating brand language, and a completely redesigned website. Concurrently, we formulated a strategic go-to-market plan encompassing trade shows, brand awareness initiatives, lead generation strategies, and more. LeapExpert now boasts an exceptional sales kit, investor deck, one-pager, presentation template, and, notably, a fully operational, lead-generating marketing “machine”.

From day one, an entire marketing team orchestrated all activities and channels in a holistic manner. Based on LeapXpert’s needs, SAGE Marketing recommended HubSpot as a comprehensive solution. Throughout the implementation process:

We conducted a thorough analysis of existing systems and workflows, devising a detailed implementation roadmap complete with timelines, milestones, deliverables, and action items.

Migrating LeapXpert’s data from various sources, including spreadsheets, emails, and other CRM tools, to HubSpot, we tailored the platform to match specific business requirements. This included configuring the sales pipeline, creating custom fields, and automating workflows.
Integration of HubSpot with essential business tools, such as LeapXpert’s new website, email inboxes, calendars, etc., was executed to ensure seamless data flow between systems and optimize the customer journey.

The Results

The successful orchestration of marketing and sales processes drove the following results:

  • 1000% growth in direct traffic leads
  • 90% of leads were MQLs
  • Growth from 74 to 784 leads from direct traffic in just a few months

As a result of working with SAGE, LeapXpert’s VP of Marketing, Ari Appelbaum, shared:

As a VP marketing, what was great for me was the ability to have an entire marketing team at my disposal through SAGE marketing from day 1.

About SAGE Marketing

SAGE Marketing provides distinctive global marketing and brand management for the world’s leading B2B tech startup.