The Brains Increased Online Sales of Sargossa in the UK Market

Sargossa, a revolutionary brand of comfortable designer Stilettos, came to The Brains to help them sell more online in the UK market.

The Project

The client has developed a revolutionary brand of comfortable designer Stilettos. As their products were already popular in Scandinavia, the client tasked The Brains with helping them drive more online sales in the UK market. The key challenge was to find pools of buyers who could afford the price point.


The Solution

  • The Brains executed a paid search campaign across Google and Bing. They used existing customer data to build audiences that would be most likely to purchase the product and targeted the wealthiest postcodes in the country. They built a 3-stage funnel to educate potential customers on the brand and convert the most interested.
  • Additionally, The Brainsoptimised the core landing pages on the site, to improve conversion rates. Over 6 months they increased sales on average 15% month-on-month & brought the CPL down from an initial £120 to £35.

About The Brains

The Brains help you break through growth barriers and build a strong client base.

They produce ultra-creative content for even the most niche B2B (And High Priced B2C) businesses. They then use the latest online advertising, direct outreach, and marketing automation strategies to get infront of your ideal customers.

All of their campaigns are data-led and deliver against strict, measurable KPIs. This allows you to track every pound you spend and tie it back to actual revenue that hits your bottom line.