107% Increase in Conversion Rate for Leading Supplier of Heavy Building Materials, Hanson UK by Zest Digital

Hanson UK is a leading supplier of heavy building materials for the construction industry and wanted to increase its visibility to the SME market using local SEO.

Zest Digital‘s combined work has resulted in significant keyword rankings and traffic increases whilst more than doubling goal conversions in six months.


Hanson UK was looking for an SEO agency partner to increase their digital presence within the product-specific area of concrete supply, with a view to improving awareness of two-specific streams of business. This had to have a national presence but with a local focus, since customers would be looking for local suppliers to minimize distribution costs.


Zest Digital’s strategy was simple. Zest Digital found that Hanson UK was performing well for brand terms, but lacked visibility for longer-tail keywords that provide a lot of opportunity for exposure to their target market. In addition, there were little to no rankings for their target product.

Zest Digital set out to increase enquiries and demand for ready-mixed concrete from cash sales by increasing awareness and driving traffic to the relevant sections of the website. Secondly, they wanted to grow awareness of their focus product by targeting niche keywords and channels to gain impressions and clicks.


Zest Digital’s Traffic Acquisition team is set to work focusing on core SEO tactics to achieve the client’s objectives. This included link reclamation to boost the number of linking root domains, and a local link building strategy that would form part of a longer-term play due to the scale of the work required. Lastly, they wanted to tidy up and improve the internal linking structure to create more flow to those pages indexed deeper within the website.

Their team identified keywords at the local level for each depot before adding this to a wider content strategy aiming to build relevance and dominance for each locality. As for rankings and search visibility performance, the results are impressive:


Zest Digital then set to work in partnership with Hanson UK’s internal team pooling together their resources for maximum results.

In addition to this, technical SEO work was carried out to give Hanson UK the best possible opportunity of receiving the desired rankings and visibility.


Their partnership with Hanson UK has yielded some incredible results, including a #1 ranking for a major keyword with over 12,000 monthly searches, driving significant traffic to key landing pages. An example of traffic growth for one landing page can be seen below:


In addition, Zest Digital ran a series of test vs control experiments across key locations to validate improvements achieved. The test pages saw a 107% increase in conversion rate vs a 41% increase across the control pages. Both conversion rate values increased as part of the improvements they made to their goal tracking in Google Analytics, giving Hanson UK much more clarity over their data and marketing effectiveness.

Email clicks for quotations have increased by 83% across test pages vs just 13% across the control group. Furthermore, Zest Digital saw a 171% increase in high intent goal completions (sales enquiries) across test pages, and location pages have seen a massive 43% more traffic, representing thousands of new sales opportunities.

Steve Morten, Marketing Manager for Hanson UK said:

Since working with Zest to increase traffic to our website and improve our conversion rate, we’ve seen strong progress towards our goals. Their team are proactive, skilled, and have our commercial interests at heart. This has been reflected in their work.

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