A New Brand and Website From Catch Digital to Launch F10 in Spain

Catch Digital achieved the rebrand, and launched a new content managed website platform populated with a brand new copy.

F10 is a global innovation ecosystem. Their mission is to unite tech startups with big business to shape the future of banking and insurance. F10’s founding sponsor is SIX, a global financial infrastructure provider and operator of the Swiss and Spanish stock exchanges.

The Challenge

As the leading Fintech network for financial industry innovation, F10 wanted to expand beyond their hub in Zurich and Singapore into the Spanish market to help realise their ambition of becoming a global network, and to create the future of banking and insurance in Spain.

F10 were on a tight timeline. They were looking for the right partner to take on their challenge, to include complete brand refresh, copy and website in just 4 weeks to meet their immovable Spanish launch deadline.

Delivering During the Pandemic

To compound the challenge, both the UK and Zurich (F10’s global HQ) were experiencing significant restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While Catch Digital would ordinarily form an in-person war room to get a project over the line with this kind of deadline, they’d have to deliver success entirely remotely, the new normal.

Despite the world being turned upside down in 2020, F10’s guiding principles aligned perfectly with their own to create a dynamic project team;

  • Passion and creativity
  • Can-do attitude
  • Quality
  • Co-creation
  • Agility and flexibility
  • One-team spirit
  • Lots of fun

Remote Collaboration During Lockdown

Deploying their proven dedicated SaaS toolkit for remote success, they used Mural during their Experience Workshops to collaborate on segmenting the audience and defining the overall solution.


A high level of collaboration was achieved via the teams being connected via Slack, enabling fast-paced conversion, inspiration, Q&A, feedback, backed up with multiple weekly showcases to keep the wider client team in the loop and ultimately get quicker sign off.

Segmenting F10’s core audience and defining the user needs; they architected the site to reflect the collaborative ecosystem created by their 3 core audiences; Start Ups, Corporates and Investors.

While the audience pulls together to create this ecosystem, each audience is distinct and required its own distinct space to explain the value proposition;

  • Corporates – innovate your company
  • Start-Ups – Boost your venture
  • Investors – Maximise your impact

Rebranding, From Local to Global

The first step in pushing the brand further was to rethink the logo. Their key challenge was to make F10 stand out as a reliable and well-established incubator company, while highlighting a dynamic “startup” appeal.

After initial concepting, Catch Digital agreed on moving towards a bolder, more colourful and playful look, using different shapes and colours to showcase F10’s diverse range of expertise – with startups, investors and corporates – as well as its growing number of locations around the world – Zurich, Singapore and now Madrid.

They wanted to keep the original rocket as a symbol, since it cleverly represents F10’s role as a startup incubator. They refined its look to match with the new direction the branding was heading. The new logo was then delivered with branding guidelines, animations and icons to set the tone for the future of F10’s platforms and communication. From all of this, they created the user interfaces, with the new branding and guidelines in the centre of all of their thinking.

Through fast-paced copywriting sessions, Catch Digital produced new brand copy cementing F10’s outlook as truly global, and through the use of the smart platform, they were able to show F10 how the copy looked in situ in record fast time.

Rapid Development With Webflow

To move this quickly, they needed a web platform that facilitates rapid design and development, yet provides an enterprise-level, scalable foundation for growth. Webflow was the perfect answer to this requirement.

A low-code SaaS platform for “visually-coding” products, Webflow enabled their Experience Design team, without the indeed to write code, to rapidly build out a fully content managed, SEO friendly, experience within a couple of weeks.

Webflow’s low-code approach enabled them to directly take on client feedback in-browser, changing the experience directly in their collaborative sessions. This was key to helping them achieve what some thought impossible, a full CMS website design and build plus content migration within 4 weeks.

Result, a Minimum Loveable Product

23 working days, from their kick-off workshop to go live, Catch Digital achieved the rebrand, and launched a new content managed website platform populated with brand new copy, alongside legacy content migrated from F10’s existing website.

The site launched in time to support the glittering virtual launch event on October 14, 2020, helping F10 bring the future of banking and insurance to Spain.

They continue to work with F10 as they join the cutting edge of FinTech, InsurTech, RegTech and DeepTech and connect the brightest startups, corporates, investors in Spain and beyond.

About Catch Digital

Catch Digital is a digital platform specialist. They focus on building exceptional digital experience platforms because they believe that with the right platform anything is possible.