Spotify Unwraps 2019’s Music Streaming Data And The Most Odd Tracks With Its Year-End Campaign

Ready for your encore and some Instagram-worthy moments?

Earlier this week, Spotify released its most-streamed artists of both this year, and the whole decade —and the streaming giant reveals its end-of-year ad campaign that once again has fun with its data. As it has done in the past and rewarded, Spotify has created Wrapped 2019, a personalized way for Premium subscribers to take a deep dive into the music that shaped their year.

With insights on which tracks were your most-streamed, the tool also highlights other cool stats like your favorite artists, albums, podcasts, and how much time you spent listening. The music giant ‘s annual ‘Wrapped’ campaign includes takeovers of Penn Station and Sao Paulo subway line.

Previous Wrapped features were only available on the web, via a custom website. While it’s still available on the web, this year Spotify embedded the Wrapped stats in the Spotify mobile app, making it way easier to find and use. There’s also a new feature for folks who love to share: Share cards let you tell the world what you were into for 2019 via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.






Creative features artists including Mariah Carey, Lil Nas X, BTS and J. Balvin. Carey, for example, features in an ad that shows streaming stats for “All I Want for Christmas Is You” throughout the year, while an installation at London’s Westfield shopping mall will transform Carey’s dress into a holiday wonderland with snowfall floating across the board. Another billboard shows how Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” has grown in popularity over the year, with images of a horse getting larger and larger.

Also new this year is the ability for Spotify users to share their own data stats on social media, using the Spotify app. The campaign just kicked off today but users are already sharing their most listened-to tracks on Twitter.

The brand has signed for 2019’s most creative advertising projects with brands and concepts, Wrapped 2019 is released by Spotify’s in-house team. Each market was also able to localize the creative copy—artists, songs, playlists, podcasts—that best reflect 2019 in the market with the support of local creative agencies.

Spotify’s Global Executive Creative Director Alex Bodman in a statement,

How do you dance to a decade’s worth of data? Especially when the last ten years have been so wild, and had such a compelling soundtrack.

With a ‘Decade Wrapped,’ we celebrate and show appreciation for the fortunate role we’ve been able to play over the last decade: connecting the world’s best fans with the world’s best creators. We hope we’ll remind people of the moments this decade that inspired them to smile, share, laugh—or sometimes just scratch their head. In many ways, it’s a campaign ten years in the making.

The global “Wrapped” effort this year includes outdoor ads running in 21 markets through the end of the year.

The work is by Spotify’s in-house team. Each market was also able to localize the creative copy—artists, songs, playlists, podcasts—that best reflect 2019 in the market with the support of local creative agencies.

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