How Disney Uses Digital Marketing Strategy Successfully?

Since the birth of Micky Mouse in 1928, the Walt Disney Company has become one of the biggest companies in the world.

The mission of the company is to be one of the leading producers of entertainment, information, and inspiration for people all around the world through innovative technologies and the power of storytelling by creative minds. 

The corporation of Walt Disney owns massive sub-companies including Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars, allowing the company to acquire great brand value and make a killing rate of return in recent years. Of course, it does not happen in a second by chance. To be the world’s premier entertainment company, executives and directors in Disney put much effort into digital marketing that will help them grow their business to be one of the most powerful brands of all time. 

The roadmap of Disney digital marketing strategy is paved by intelligent plans and hard work for many years. In this article, our purpose is to inform you about the Disney digital marketing strategy for roaring success in the entertainment industry. 

Launching Interesting Marketing Campaigns

As one of the most effective storytellers, Disney turns the spotlight on itself with attractive campaigns. Here are two examples of Disney’s interesting campaigns:

1. Dream Big Princess Campaign

The #DreamBigPrincess initiative developed by the Walt Disney Company aims to encourage kids around the world to dream big and follow their dreams. The company challenged a group of photographers all around the world to take powerful photos of real-life female role models including an aspiring Paralympian from the USA and a windsurfing champion from Israel. 

Every role model in this campaign was a source of inspiration for girls with their magical stories and competes against negative stereotyping. It was aimed to draw attention to the strong and feisty characters of Disney’s princesses such as Moana and Merida to inspire all the girls and support their empowerment. 

Besides, Disney announced that they would donate $1 to the ‘Girl Up’ campaign of the UN for any public post of a photo using #DreamBigPrincess on social media platforms.

Among the Disney digital campaigns, this campaign attracted great attention around the globe and contributed to both the movement of girl power and the company’s branding. 

2. “Andy Night” with 50 Imaginative Andys

For another campaign created by Disney, an event called “Andy Night” was organized in Toy Story Land located in Walt Disney Studios. Inspired by Andy, the imaginative character of Toy Story, 50 people named Andy were invited by Walt Disney and welcomed with several surprises. 

In Toy Story Land, guests entered a world created by Andy and celebrated his creativity all together with an exclusive event. Both female and male Andys attended the organization and had an amazing night at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

Guests had a terrific experience during the event, designed as a part of the campaign to demonstrate the multi-generational appeal of Disney’s newest expansion. You can watch the branded film about the event on YouTube. 

Organizing Anniversary Celebrations 

On 6 Aug. 2020, Disney announced the launch of a virtual family festival called “Pixar Fest” to mark the 25th anniversary of Pixar’s Toy Story. The event started with an epic collection of Pixar movies on Disney+ channel, animator masterclasses, new product releases, and online quizzes for movie buffs. 

Detailed program and weekly watchalongs were published on Disney’s social channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

A great number of people who are fans of Pixar movies and products followed their posts on social media and participated in the fest. Disney social media posts also attract a great deal of attention with remarkable content and presentation.


Social Media Strategy of Disney

There is no doubt that Disney uses social media to connect with the audience very effectively. Sharing posts on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram gives the company to interact with its audience through a multi-channel strategy.

Pixar, Mickey Mouse, Disney+, Disney Channel, Star Wars, and other accounts of the company constantly share photos, videos, quizzes, and surveys on topics that will attract the people who are likely to be interested in their content.

Apart from the daily posts, Disney digital marketing strategy involves sharing some content that will involve the followers and make them comment on the posts. Disney social media strategy also aims to keep its fans engaged by sharing content strategically for different styles of the audience. 


Disney’s Social Purpose 

As a global vision of social responsibility, the Disney company supports those in need and creates various opportunities for them to improve their world with inspiration. The main purpose is to make a difference through the power of their storytelling and brand identity. 

The company organizes charitable programs through collaboration with others to deliver comfort and inspiration together. 

For instance, Disney Germany built a partnership with  Kinderträume e.V to grant a 4-year-old  girl who was a Frozen fan and was suffering from a serious illness. She was unable to leave the hospital to see her favorite movie in the cinema and Disney Germany provided her with a special bed with a DVD player and screen as well as several Elsa products. In this way, it can be inferred that the company is always ready to support its audience and it helps gain more followers to join its charity organizations. 


Disney’s Marketing Strategy: Customer Loyalty through Nostalgia

Since it was first founded in the 1920s, Disney has been increasing the number of its audience all around the world by creating an emotional impression on them.

To use this impression as a digital marketing strategy, Disney reshares old content long after its first release. To maintain customer loyalty, Disney revived old classics such as Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Jungle Book. 

While remaking the old content, Disney uses the power of nostalgia in a well-planned and effective way. As an example,  Disney’s moviemakers worked hard on the new version to remake the Lion King with the same characters and story.

Its trailer was also similar to the previous version as another Disney ads and marketing strategy. The new version of The Lion King grossed more than 1.5 billion dollars when it was released in 2019.

A great number of parents took their children to the cinema to show them their favorite movie when they were at the same age. So, it can be concluded that Disney’s marketing strategy through the power of nostalgia worked well. 

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