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Writer, editor, and translator. Experienced in blogging for marketing, translation, localization, and foreign languages with a degree focused in English Language and Literature from Boğaziçi University.

BLOG | Web Design

Best Canva Alternatives to Use for Graphic Design for Social Media in 2021

If you are looking for the best graphic design for social media and you are not a big fan of Canva, this list is just great for you. We have compiled the best Canva alternatives for the designers who would like to have their options.  10 Best Canva Alternatives  PicMonkey Crello Pixlr RelayThat Tyle Snappa …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Top Healthcare Marketing Agencies in Canada With Best Strategies

The healthcare industry of our age is driven by patients given that they can reach so much information through the internet, paying a visit to the closest hospital is not a thing anymore. That is why serious effort is needed to attract the patients’ attention. Having a well-designed healthcare marketing strategy will help you to …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Top Healthcare Digital Marketing Agencies in Australia with Successful Case Studies

According to recent research, the Australian healthcare industry generates about $170 billion per year, and running a healthcare organization is a big challenge requiring to get more patients by spreading the word about your services. The best solution is to collaborate with healthcare marketing agencies offering marketing strategies and helping you generate more leads. Healthcare …


Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO in 2021

Keyword research is essential to increase organic search traffic if you want to develop targeted traffic streams to your website. Keyword research is basically the process of discovering the right keywords and phrases your target audiences are using to get any product or service.  Mostly finding the keywords is not enough to benefit from the …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Digital Agency vs. Creative Agency: What are the Major Differences?

Creativity and design are always integrated with marketing solutions. Visuals, ads, and campaigns are getting more significant to attract more people to websites or e-commerce platforms. There are lots of digital agencies that help any entrepreneur or company promote their businesses through the right strategies to have a larger customer base.  Every business related to …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

4 Lessons to Learn from Toyota’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Toyota's strategies vary across different practicing areas at several levels ...

BLOG | Email Marketing

Best Mailchimp Alternatives to Use for Email Marketing in 2021

It is commonly assumed that e-mail marketing has the highest rate of investment among other online marketing strategies. Given that lots of people are using e-mail platforms extensively, e-mail marketing seems to be one of the most cost-efficient and easiest ways to promote a business.  There are several email marketing tools that you can explore …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing Strategy of Nescafé

As one of the most embraced brands across the world, Nescafé has a notable digital marketing strategy. Adopting a character that is part of life globally, Nescafé digital marketing strategy is a good example of how to communicate with a wide target audience. The brand manages to represent itself as a supporter of different life …


7 Tips for Creating Great Blog Titles for SEO & Readers

Almost all businesses around the world have realized the importance of strong content. Great content can bring a lot of new clients and represents the product and the service being provided. While everybody is in search of creating a rich blog for their website, content creators are seeking to find the best blog titles for …

BLOG | Startup Marketing

Early-Stage Startup Marketing Tactics: Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy

Initiating a business and maintaining requires a great deal of effort, and making your presence known is a significant part of this challenge. This is what a startup company always tackles. If you aim to thrive in a marketplace where many startups fail, every step you take should be well-planned and carefully implemented. The most …

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