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Writer, editor, and translator. Experienced in blogging for marketing, translation, localization, and foreign languages with a degree focused in English Language and Literature from Boğaziçi University.

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

How to Develop a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

Even though LinkedIn was founded in 2003 as a professional networking site, it has gone further than that over time. In today’s business world, LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful marketing tools. This transformation required companies to develop an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy to gain a competitive edge in their industries. What differentiates …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Most Popular Online Digital Marketing Certificates in 2021

Digital marketing sector requires experts who are holding digital marketing certificates and up to date with the latest developments and trends. Here is why: Digital marketing is an ever-changing field with talented and inspiring experts who allow businesses to stay at the top of the competition. Regarding the rapidly changing user and consumer behaviour, digital …

BLOG | Startup Marketing

Top 9 Sales Automation Tools for Startups in 2021

Best sales automation tools help startups increase revenue and go beyond their global competitors. Those tools are essentially software-based solutions for your team with the advantages of saving time and maintaining better after-sale customer relationships. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most important innovations in recent years. It can be embedded in any tool …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

Best Social Media Marketing Agencies for Startups in 2021

45% of the total world population are using social networks. That is why In our fast-growing technology age, social media has a great effect on all kinds of businesses. Social media agencies for startups make a lot of difference. No doubt! To make a difference in your field, and differentiate yourself from your competitors, it is definitely a …

BLOG | Startup Marketing

How to Do Market Research for a Startup

A startup without effective market research is like a ship traveling offshore without a compass. Therefore, it can lose its direction after a while and can disappear in the middle of nowhere. Market research for a startup enables the business owners to guess what is required to grow their business. Doing market research for a …


Best Technical SEO Tools to Boost Your Rankings in 2021

Technical SEO tools are essential to get valuable insights and tips concerning the technical part of the optimization. What is technical SEO, and why do we need it to improve our websites? SEO is more than keywords because the optimization of the content to ensure it can be found in search engines is the key …

BLOG | Startup Marketing

Essential KPIs and Metrics to Track for Startup Marketing

A startup is like a baby. It is just established, trying to become a business, taking the first step towards growth. You should follow this growth closely by tracking essential KPIs for startup marketing. If it is not possible to evaluate the performance of children and adults with the same rating scale, you cannot apply …

BLOG | Email Marketing

How to Choose an Email Marketing Platform for Agencies?

Some believe that email marketing is long gone due to the later advancements in technology that have prevailed in the business world. However, email marketing, being a rooted method of online marketing, has already proven its cost-efficiency. Given that people are using email extensively, email marketing is still one of the easiest and cheapest ways …


Semrush vs Ahrefs in 2021: Which SEO Tool is Better for Digital Agencies

Anyone with even limited SEO experience will recommend those two fabulous tools when you look for the best SEO tools: SEMrush and Ahrefs. They are undoubtedly the most efficient SEO tools for digital agencies that would like to bring more traffic to their customers’ websites. Let’s have a closer look at those handy SEO tools …

WORK | Digital Ad Campaigns

Best Black Friday Marketing Campaign Ideas from Creative Brands for 2020

When you read these two words “Black Friday”, the first thing we all think is “crazy shopping”. There is no doubt that Black Friday is the most intense shopping weekend of the year. Although it first appeared in the U.S, other countries adopted it in time and it takes place on the last weekend in …

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