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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can get pretty confusing, but the main thing you need to know is right there in the name.

SEO means optimizing your website to improve the quality and quantity of traffic that goes there from search engines.

In simple terms, improving your SEO leads to more (and better!) website traffic, which leads to more conversions and therefore more revenue for your business. Cha-ching.

Rather than going into lofty ways SEO can theoretically benefit your brand, let’s take a look at these real-life examples of how Emote Digital has directly and greatly helped their clients who engaged their SEO services.

Planning and Executing Optimisation

Daily Orders creates wall planners for busy families. Emote knew this product would find success if it could get the right traffic to its website. So they made it happen.

This involved fixing technical issues, page titles, meta descriptions and image optimization, and keyword research for product categories. For product pages, they optimized page titles and structured the data markup.

Emote optimized blog pages to increase keyword density, input meta-data, improve readability and optimize internal links. The organic improvements they’ve seen for Daily Orders are massive.

During the time they were with Emote, the organic traffic increased by 47%, and organic revenue increased by 69% compared with the previous period. They also saw a huge increase in the number of ranking keywords. In April of 2020, they had around 280 keywords ranking, whereas the last month they were with Emote the number was 450.

  • 47% Increase in organic traffic
  • 69% Increase in organic revenue

Watching Traffic Rise

Iconic Aussie brand Bakers Delight has benefitted hugely from Emote’s SEO service over two years. They’ve supported their SEO as they’ve launched a new site and activated their eCommerce website.

This involves product page optimization, image compression to speed up page loading times, and a structured data markup for recipes. Recently Emote’s focus has been on the tracking set up and optimization of their micro-bakery sites, which they’re excited to see the results from.


For a big business like this, continuously making small improvements is key to stable organic traffic and conversions. Every quarter they typically see an improvement of 5% to 8% on traffic and goals. It goes to show that by ignoring your SEO, you’re missing out on potentially massive long-term gains. It’s all about continuously improving over time.

  • 8% Improvement in traffic every quarter

Plating up Product Rankings

Since starting with Emote, iconic Aussie homewares brand salt&pepper has been getting great results.

On their website, they fixed technical and sitemap issues for a smoother UX experience. They’ve completed on-page optimization for product categories and restructured these categories for hundreds of SKUs. Emote also reviewed their content and has written on-page content that is both engaging and SEO rich for product category pages.

Emote also delivers regular blog posts written with SEO in mind yet still making sure it is engaging for consumers. They understand that first and foremost, content must be made for humans.

Since working with us, the organic traffic for salt&pepper has increased by 15% and organic revenue is up 20%.
Another big win is that more keywords are ranking. Before starting with Emote, salt&pepper had a 5,000 keywords ranking and now that number is up at 6,200.

  • 15% Increase in organic traffic
  • 20% Increase in organic revenue

SEO in Every Language

Emote’s long-term client Natrio source, store, and transport bulk products across the globe. This means their website is multilingual, which comes with its SEO challenges. Emote made sure there were no duplication issues with the multilingual sites by implementing hreflang tags.

They’ve completed SEO transitions for Natrio and been with them through four website iterations. They continue to work with Emote each time because they trust them to do it right. This includes product page optimization, fixing page loading issues, and completing an SEO transition when they’ve launched a new site.

What has this resulted in? More leads. Comparing the most recent quarter with the previous year, Natrio’s conversions are up by 500% including phone calls and contact form submissions. Are these the kind of results you’re looking for?

  • 500% Increase in conversions

Outdoor Furniture, Online Success

Outdoor furniture brand Draffin has seen excellent SEO results with Emote from the start.

Every month they complete optimization for 1-2 of their main categories including page title updates, heading optimization, internal links setup, image alt tags, and more. They’ve also fixed page loading speed issues which has helped with the conversion rate. By following their expert SEO advice and engaging Emote to implement these actions, traffic has immensely improved.

Comparing the most recent quarter with the previous, Draffin has seen their organic traffic increase by 26% and goal completions have gone up by 46%.

  • 26% Increase in organic traffic

Are you looking to increase the traffic to your site? Do you want to improve the quality of your traffic so that you actually reach the people who want to be your customers? Do you want to rank for more keywords and be listed higher on Google?

Trust the experts who have the experience to showcase exactly how they can help you.

Talk to Emote about how they can maximize the benefits of their SEO service by tailoring it to your business and your goals.

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