Emote Digital Maintains Powerful Marketing for Natrio

Natrio specializes in importing and distributing high-volume dry chemicals, as well as developing logistics solutions.

As a global B2B company, they needed an online presence that would represent the magnitude of their operation. Emote Digital not only rebranded them and built their website, but they now handle the distributor’s Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Advertising on an ongoing basis.

Social Media Advertising

Targeting the Right Audiences Through LinkedIn

One lead can be worth millions of dollars to Natrio, so Emote Digital focused on driving brand awareness through LinkedIn ads. This particular platform allowed them to target people in the mining industry. Building recognition among a relevant audience ensures that when they’re looking for a provider, they’ll turn to Natrio.

Emote Digital & Natrio were able to achieve:

  • 29% Lower cost per click than Linkedin averages
  • 74% Increase in website traffic from social since launch


Search Engine Optimisation

Carefully Optimising a Multi-Region Website

The website Emote Digital built for Natrio is multi-region due to its presence across multiple continents. With this in mind, they had to carefully optimize the site to attract the right search traffic to the appropriate pages. Thanks to Emote Digital’s SEO efforts, Natrio saw a major increase in organic traffic, conversions, and ranking position across just 12 months.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 79% Increase in organic traffic over 12 months
  • 86% Increase in conversions from organic traffic over 12 months
  • +20 Average ranking position improvement across target keywords
  • 134% Increase in first page impressions across target keywords

Emote Digital and Natrio have built and maintained an incredibly strong partnership, through branding, two website builds, and ongoing marketing services and they are both looking forward to what the future can bring.

About Emote Digital

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