Rising Digital Marketing Trends Predicted by Digital Agencies for 2020

What are the latest digital marketing trends you should implement in 2020? How companies will be noticed in that crowded digital world?

Digital marketing is growing at such a fast pace that it may all seem confusing at times. But here’s the lowdown on everything around digital marketing that’s important to know right now.

The concept of marketing has been around for many years. It has experienced several massive changes over time with plenty of new digital marketing trends appearing.

Highly dependent on technological advances, digital marketing is changing and evolving every day. Each year sees many new strategies emerging. Thus, this article aims to discuss some of the most recent digital marketing trends you shouldn’t miss in 2020.

Let’s have a look at the popular digital marketing trends in 2020 suggested by leading digital agencies all over the world.

Paid Ads Dominance

by Digital Uncut, Mayple, The Good Marketer

Three agencies focused on paid ads from three different angles for 2020’s digital marketing trends. Digital Uncut emphasized companies will invest more in paid ads and we will see more ads appear across digital platforms. 

Paid ads will continue to become more prevalent online. Not long ago Google increased the number of ads at the top of its search results from three to four, and Facebook has consistently reduced the visibility of organic social posts. The battle for increased revenue between ad platforms will see this continue, however how exactly is yet to be seen.

Not only will already monetised platforms see ads increase, we’ll most likely see other platforms see ads; for example Google Home, Maps, Alexa, Waze & Whatsapp.

Mayple agrees on this belief, but they focus on what will happen next. When more companies invest in paid ads, the costs will surge.

As advertising costs go up, many businesses will have to invest more in better conversion rates and branding. This will change the content used to advertise to a more compelling and engaging content.

The Good Marketer also thinks a paid ads war will become more mainstream. Therefore, they see combining influencer marketing with paid advertising as a top digital marketing trend for 2020.

Privacy Awareness

by Frank Digital

As Google shifts its position on cookies, we’ll need to adopt new, fairer and more creative approaches to marketing online. We’re looking forward to it.

Users are more sceptical than ever about sharing their data with companies. After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook found itself in hot water, , maybe these days are past for the social media giant but still, people don’t feel comfortable. Also, the latest Apple ads emphasize the importance of privacy.

Brand Transparency

by Crowdform

There’s more and more demand for brands to be transparent about their processes. The new generation wants to know what role and impact they have in society.

Smart Personalisation

by Tangent

Smart personalisation can dominate digital marketing in 2020. Big data and intelligence will continue to enable greater personalisation at scale, meeting the ever-growing demand for unique and personalised brand experiences.

Intelligent Algorithms

by Mimosa Agency

Google and Facebook become smarter every day. Google announces major algorithm updates almost every month. It means a more sophisticated approach isneeded for companies and agencies to beat the competition. Therefore, there will be fewer shortcuts for getting quick results. It will definitely improve user experience on Google and Facebook. However, some working tactics will disappear faster than ever.

The Utilization of AI


The utilization of AI in marketing will keep on growing – it’s a very powerful tool. With the use of big data, you can detect emerging trends before they go mainstream and understand your customers better than ever. With hyper-targeted messaging marketers can significantly increase sales and engagement.


Short-Form Content

by Pound & Grain

User journeys will play a prominent role in digital marketing, and with it, a better understanding of how to use social platforms to their fullest potential. Because of this, I think personalized short-form content is going to be a major trend.

It’s taken the industry a while to recognize that what works on TV doesn’t always work online, and now that we’ve got a healthy channel mix with regards to social and content types (TikTok, Quibi, IG Stories, Snap, etc.), we’ll start to see the next wave of short-form content come into the light.

Marketing Automation


Marketing automation is a natural result of other digital marketing trends mentioned above. Companies are trying to create targeted, smart and personalized marketing campaigns. If the companies can’t automate some of the processes or if they can’t analyze details of results, simply it will not work. When marketing departments can prove how their campaigns impact the sales funnel, they can repeat their success with a larger budget.

Visual Search Takes Precedent

Visual search allows people to find more information about anything by just taking a picture of it. This may sound like some futuristic AI tech, but it exists and is being improved upon already.

Visual search is set to become an extremely efficient and popular method of online search. It won’t likely ever surpass text-based searches, but as AI improves, more people will certainly start using it. Some mobile phones already have AI implemented in their camera functions that will help to speed up the use of this technology.

The fact that it’s set to become such a widely used tool speaks to people’s preference for processing data visually. And it is a big new avenue for marketers. Visual search offers lots of opportunities and creative marketing tactics.

As a brand, you’ll want to be sure that your marketing and technology departments are taking the visual search into consideration for your brand’s success.

DAN member agency Isadora has shared a blog post explaining how visual search will amplify lifestyle brands along with useful tips.

The world is moving incredibly fast, and it’s all thanks to the Internet. Without the Internet, marketing wouldn’t be the massive industry as it is today. The thing is, it’s so huge, and it’s developing so fast that it’s sometimes hard to keep up, even for experienced marketers.

However, it is imperative to be aware of the new developments because it might just give a company the edge they need to smoke out competitors. And the world isn’t going to stop spinning any time soon.

All in all, 2019 was a pretty competitive year in the digital marketing landscape, and 2020 is set to continue that trajectory. It may seem overwhelming at times, but anyone, armed with the right knowledge and tools, can make it out on top.

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