Rajiv Grover: Creating a Premium Experience Online

When renowned plastic surgeon Rajiv Grover came to Propeller for a website design and build, to invoke a beautiful and modern aesthetic, their team were eager to get started.

Rajiv’s previous website was outdated. The website was 12 years old, without mobile responsiveness and search optimisation, the website didn’t rank for non-branded key search terms.

Rajiv is an accomplished plastic surgeon who trained in London and Harvard. Tatler Magazine, described Rajiv as “The Facemeister”, and named him the “Best for Facelifts” in their annual cosmetic surgery guide for 10 consecutive years (2011-2020).

As a highly accomplished plastic surgeon, Propeller understood Rajiv needed a high-performing website that reflected the high standard of his work and was accessible to new audiences.

Read on to find out how Propeller achieved this.

Their Approach

To take this project to the next level, Propeller assigned a dedicated Project Manager to work very closely with Rajiv Grover throughout the whole process: from discovery, through to design & development.

Within the design phase, they selected a set of fonts that were impactful, premium & easy to read. They utilised colour palettes that were selected by Rajiv’s branding agency to bring his website to life. Propeller also developed a modern, premium feeling website that was clear & easy to navigate by Raijv’s user demographic

During the design and development stage, they constructed a WordPress website that centred around Rajiv’s core offering – Facelift Surgery.

Propeller’s Design team created landing pages that work with a large amount of written content, using anchor link regions at the top of pages for easy navigation within certain areas of the site

Propeller also carried out keyword research to ensure the new sitemap was optimised for SEO and created a design that worked with Rajiv’s long form content.


Propeller’s dedicated work with their amazing client led to results that speak for themselves.

With the optimisation of the new sitemap for SEO, Propeller handled the SEO migration carefully, optimising content around ‘Facelift Surgery’ related keywords. This meant the new site ranked page 1, position 1 on Google within 1 week of launching, for key search terms such as:

  • Best Facelift
  • Best Facelift London
  • Best Facelift UK
  • Best Deep Plane Facelift UK
  • Best Deep Plane Facelift Surgeon
  • Best Deep Plane Facelift Surgeon London

Before launch, the site was either on page 2 for key search terms, or not ranking at all. With Propeller’s help, Rajiv’s website is now reaching a far wider audience than ever before. Making his brand synonymous with searches for facelifts has established his practice as the place to go.

By Propeller: A Digital Design Agency that Builds a Bigger Picture

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