Isadora Developed a Youthful Design for Ecommerce Website of Razor

Isadora Agency gave an iconic youth brand a hip lifestyle upgrade that inspired a whole new audience to want to take Razor’s products for a spin.


Razor is the groundbreaking personal transportation brand that brought scooters out of grandma’s basement and onto the sidewalks and surfaces of every kid-friendly neighborhood in America. Yet, with so many competitors now crowding the marketplace, Razor was finding it difficult to distinguish its value to consumers and keep them informed about its ever-expanding range of products and accessories.

Furthermore, without full catalogue eCommerce capabilities to support direct sales, shoppers were finding little reason to visit the website, let alone to build the kind of brand loyalty that leads to repeat sales.

Danny Simon, COO of Razor USA commented:

They hit on everything we wanted, and I recommend them wholeheartedly.





Their eCommerce mobile-first approach produced a sales platform that includes advanced shopping features that enable price and product comparisons, while direct sales support helps consumers complete purchases with greater confidence. A revamped, TV-like platform immerses fans in their favorite Razor riding styles, and user-generated videos add a layer of community to the visual and visceral aesthetic.






Razor already enjoyed tons of brand recognition, but the brand’s online presence felt flat and disconnected. A fresh, colorful vibe and a focus on dynamic motion lent the brand’s official site some much-needed street cred.

By developing functionality that enables visitors to explore each product in more detail, incorporating social-friendly features, and building a robust 3rd party retailer pricing tool, audiences can now discover exciting new ways to check out the hottest Razor products no matter where they choose to shop.


Youthful Design Isn’t Just Child’s Play

Isadora upped the cool factor with a hip, colorful look that’s built to grab kids’ attention while assuring parents that Razor is a smart choice. Playful, hand-drawn style elements were incorporated, providing a cohesive visual experience that caters to a modern audience.


Razor TV

Newly-developed shopping features enable on-site price and product comparisons, while direct sales support helps consumers complete their purchases with greater confidence.

Razor Share

With the sudden surge of scooter rentals, it made sense for the most trusted brand in scooters to get in the game. Isadora worked with Razor to launch the Razor Share website in record time, establishing a look that was in alignment with the Razor brand but connected with a more mature audience.


Razor TV

They revamped the brand’s video presence by developing Razor TV – a distinct, video hub designed to draw traffic away from YouTube and inspire users to spend their time on

Curated playlists and category-based navigation help visitors quickly find videos they’ll love. Social sharing is a breeze with an interactive tool that encourages fans to upload their own videos, so they can share moves with their Razor-riding friends.


Increase Awareness and Enjoyment

The new bespoke eCommerce system enables Razor to take greater control over every aspect of its sales and marketing process. Product FAQ’s, step-by-step tutorials, and self-service support tools reduce the burden on customer service and increase awareness and enjoyment of all of Razor’s products. Since launch Isadora have continued to enhance the experience through analytics reviews, A/B testing, and website enhancements.


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