Purity Brewing & Pure Booch BigCommerce Multistore, Media Lounge

Purity Brewing & Pure Booch BigCommerce Multistore

Purity Brewing, a brewing company from the West Midlands, were looking for a new design for their existing eCommerce store – Puritybrewing.com – and a brand new store for their growing kombucha brand.

The Challenge

The first store, Puritybrewing.com, was a WordPress website with a WooCommerce plugin. While functional, it was extremely slow and unable to handle the recent increase in traffic. It also gave the client no opportunity to talk about products or the brand on the homepage – two crucial selling points for the business.

The second part of the Purity business is Pure Booch – a brand for the client’s slow and naturally sparkling kombucha. The growth of the brand meant a separate eCommerce store was now needed, and it would have to be designed and built from scratch – that’s how Purebooch.co.uk came to life.

For both websites the client was looking for a standout but easily accessible eCommerce store that is easy to navigate (purchase within 3 clicks), and at the same time allows for more homepage space to host brand content. Both stores needed to be designed futureproofed, with mobile first functionality and support for full channel mix of digital marketing.

What We Did

We created two first class stores that fully support technical SEO, PPC and social media marketing. Both stores support SKUs with size variables, bookable products, gift vouchers, on sale prices and discounts.

The final store designs are both brand and product focused, resulting in two visually stunning and cohesive websites. Purity Brewing and Pure Booch home pages feature custom building blocks with large product sections to give each product the spotlight it deserves and highlight its uniqueness. The new layout of the product pages strengthens the feeling of authenticity with beautiful images, clear descriptions and stand out buttons for increased conversion rate.

To enhance the brand elements, we allocated space on the home page for the blog and community sections where customers can learn more about the brewing process and Purity’s partnerships like the Aston Villa Branded Purity Pale Beer.

Pure Booch utilises Recharge, a BigCommerce subscription payments solution, for their all-important subscription service. Recharge’s subscription payments app empowers eCommerce stores to better serve their subscribers’ unique needs.

The Results

After launching Puritybrewing.com on the new design, we’ve seen an astonishing increase in all conversion metrics in Google Analytics:

  • 9.98% website conversion rate, up from 4.99%
  • 66.64% increase in total website revenue
  • 57.99% increase in total number of transactions
  • 5.36% increase in average order value

Purity Brewing & Pure Booch BigCommerce Multistore, Media Lounge

Services Provided

  • BigCommerce Multistore Design & Build
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • UX And Customer Journey Optimisation
  • SEO Preservation
  • Data Migration
  • Recharge App Integration

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