Product Design for a Mobile App from Creative Agency Bold+Beyond

Bold+Beyond helped Striiver to explain and showcase the value of their unique business model.


The Problem

Catering businesses experience a massive turnover and struggle to find replacements or extra workers when needed the most.

Current Workarounds

Job portals can’t solve the urgent aspect of the need which sometimes is a matter of hours. The only way to quickly find experienced people is to rely on the network and hope someone is available for help.

The Solution

Striiver is a mobile app allowing people to quickly find hourly paid jobs around them and providing Catering businesses with extra workers in real time. The application simplifies and enhances/facilitates the hiring experience while optimising the payment process with respect to the law.


The application needed to successfully onboard both profiles and their specific requirements to simplify the information gathering process and provide relevant data.

The initial account creation requires only an email and a password. To quickly go through the signup process and gather relevant data, Linkedin and Google social logins were implemented.


In order to create an account, business owners only need to provide relevant information about their company to be certified. Only a Credit or Debit Card is required to handle the entire process and guarantee the Striivers to be paid for their work.


The Striivers only need to provide a few details, but the more complete their profile is, the more attractive and relevant they will be for employers. After signing up, they can swipe for the perfect job right away and apply based on a variety of specific criteria.

User Journeys



Businesses can post job offers for free through a quick and simple form providing enough detail to the job seekers to apply for the position before going more in depth.


Jobs are presented in a simple fashion for quickly navigating what’s available and making a selection. Applying for a job is done with just one swipe or with two clicks when more information is needed, allowing Striivers to quickly find jobs.

Review Profiles

Employers receive real time notifications when someone applies for the job allowing them to quickly review the candidate profile. If they want to wait before reviewing the candidates, each job has a dedicated list used to filter candidates and make the best decision.

Chat for the Job

A quick chat option is offered in order to fine tune the little details and have a first interaction between the employer and the employee.


In order to provide the best profiles to employers and only have serious job offers, Striiver decided to put in place a strictly-enforced review policy: if a minimum required score isn’t met, the profile will be reviewed and the appropriate action taken.


Naming and Marketing

Bold+Beyond wanted the brand to have an impact, so they worked to hit upon a short word with a strong meaning that would reflect the brand vision. Striiver’s goal is to provide the right people at the most critical moment for success – and that’s exactly what striving means.

The second concept was to create a community… they decided to illustrate the idea by having two i’s next to each other, representing two people getting in contact, and adding the -er suffix, describing a person (or thing) that does the action indicated by the root verb.


The objective behind the Striiver mark is to be recognisable and impactful as it’s a young brand needing to attract customers.

Bold+Beyond has worked with vibrant colors, geometric patterns, a strong and clear wordmark and a playful app icon illustrating the application concept of bringing people together.

App Store

Instead of going for an all flat design like most applications do nowadays, the agency wanted to bring a feeling of depth and light with the help of shadows and transparency bringing a slick and modern look to the application which helps to stand out from the crowd.


To explain and showcase the value of their unique business model Striiver needed a website targeting both employers and job seekers. Hence why Bold+Beyond has built a Homepage to present the application concept and two separate pages with the key selling arguments for each party.


Since 68% of the traffic is mobile now and Striiver is a mobile application it was critical to provide an enhanced user experience on mobile to quickly access the information.

About Bold+Beyond

Built on a simple will: offering clients effective & innovating communication experiences, Bold+Beyond is creatively led, strategically driven & technology friendly.