A Rebrand and New Digital Platform for Entire Travel Group by Devotion

A rebrand and new digital platform that champions best in class customer experience and drives conversion by Devotion.


Entire Travel Group live, breathe, and dream travel. They don’t just call themselves “experts” – they back it up by immersing themselves in the destinations they represent, building strong relationships on the ground, and identifying exclusive products and curated experiences for B2B and B2C customers.

In 2019, ETG underwent a re-brand, consolidating ten destination-specific brands into a single unified offering. To support this, a single unified digital platform was required. The platform needed to be easy to manage and maintain, as well as provide the capability to capitalize on the consolidated traffic and increased search visibility of a singular destination (website).

The Challenge

A significant challenge for this project was ensuring that the new platform could work as both a customer-facing website, as well as a selling tool for the business’ own salespeople. Finding this balance was critical – and led to Devotion creating site features that would ensure an uplift in sales enquiries, as well as support the promotion of upselling, cross-selling, and customer browsing.

Another key challenge was the fact that ETG’s products are quite varied in cost – based on the customer’s departure city, date, class of flight, and any deals that may be in play. Though there’s no cart functionality, capturing this information and providing an accurate quote for the trip was paramount, and required some careful and smart configuration.


The Solution

To ensure the new website build catered for the needs of ETG’s customers and salespeople, Devotion developed personas, user stories, and customer journeys, to help inform the experience and features required for varied audiences.

To encourage an uplift in enquiries, Devotion dedicated significant time to creating features that promoted upselling and cross-selling and supported customers’ desire to browse available tours. The new website uses faceted search to help visitors quickly refine their options and focuses on driving users to a measured conversion.

The updated IA and faceted search supported the various ways a customer books their holidays: by destination, by experience, or by price. Each package integrates with Google Maps and has content created around the destination, the itinerary, and available departures with associated costs – highlighting ETG’s expertise and in-depth knowledge as experts in travel. Customers and agents can download or email the package detail as a PDF to help with their enquiries, and confer with friends and family.

The site uses the best of Kentico EMS (Enterprise Marketing Solution), providing CMS admins with the ability to build customized campaign landing pages and emails. In addition, a test and learn approach is in place, ensuring continual optimization of the customer journey.

Devotion also built a bespoke enquiry management tool, so agents can track, assign, and manage all onsite visitors and enquiries. This back-office function ensures the platform is deeply integrated with the business and not seen as just a customer-facing marketing tool.

The Results

Results have been extremely positive with significant uplift seen across the board.

When Devotion compare the website’s performance for the two months post-launch with two months prior, they see a:

  • 2,042% increase in users
  • 39% increase in pages per session
  • 1,841% increase in organic search traffic
  • 2,849% increase in page views
  • 75% increase in average session duration
  • 8% decrease in bounce rate

Brad McDonnell CEO, Entire Travel Group said:

Kentico has proven itself to be the reliable and cost-effective solution we required at Entire Travel Group. We were very impressed with the extensive functionality, particularly the additional marketing solutions to support the website. The software was the first step, however, without the right partner, we could not have achieved our objectives.

From day one, the Team at Devotion carefully considered our business needs, they analyzed our industry and competitors, designed a very attractive website, and built a solid platform from which our business can grow and expand in the future.

We’ve had fantastic feedback from our B2B travel agent customers, including comments like ‘fast and easy to use’ and ‘finally a website built by travel people for travel people’. At Entire Travel Group, we are very confident in our partnership with the Kentico platform managed by the team at Devotion.

About Devotion

Devotion is an independently owned, full-service digital agency. They combine creativity with deep technical understanding to create smart, results-driven experiences.