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USP And Consensus Worked Together To Redesign “Quality Matters” Blog

“It inspired people…”
The start of a sentence that Consensus Interactive truly love to hear. As with all of their projects, the goal at the end of the day is to create the best experience possible, working with clients they love.

The team was fortunate enough to do both in their project with The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) as the agency teamed up for the redesign and development for their Quality Matters blog.

The start of every great project focuses on the desired outcomes and tasks required to attain those.

To position themselves for success, the Consensus and USP teams outlined the following goals for the new and improved blog:

● Elevate awareness of USP’s mission and impact amongst their key audiences

● Increase understanding of all value USP’s efforts: Increase visibility of depth and breadth of topics covered, using the blog to speak to their many different audiences with many different goals.

● Engage more people in supporting USP

With these goals in mind and a tight timeline to launch, the creative team worked to design an elegant site that would engage both contributors and readers and serve as a manageable platform for continued and new content.


The new blog layout aligns with the USP brand, but distinguishes itself in a prominent and innovative sense. Large imagery, coupled with easy navigable posts, categories, and videos make this blog user
friendly and captivating.

With a significant spike in traffic following our launch, Consensus feel confident that the increase of awareness and visibility of USP’s efforts will follow suit.


Marrying elegant design and advanced performance, the new Quality Matters blog runs on Drupal 8 with Acquia Cloud serving as the site’s storage and administration engine. The flexibility of Drupal 8 provides a straightforward backend for USP’s contributor team to edit and publish their content with ease.

With complete control over featured posts and videos, the USP team has the freedom to promote the recent or prominent blogs. With a tight window to get the blog to launch, the USP and Consensus teams worked in an agile manner using the most efficient tools.

The project was managed using a Monday.com board, where both USP and Consensus worked together to track all items in progress and get a high level view of project trajectory. Tasks and updates were easily assigned and added to specific team members to ensure a streamlined and efficient effort.

We also wanted to ensure that the USP teams’ voice could be heard throughout the full development process, in real time. So we hooked up the Usabilla technology that enabled easy and accurate User Acceptance Testing.

Having this coupled with the Monday.com management tool put us in the position to move tasks along from To Do – In Progress – Complete at a high rate.


The new Quality Matters blog is live and now comes the fun part, where we can make improvements and follow the metrics.

“The team at today’s leadership offsite all agreed that it’s a beautiful site” one member of the USP team shared with us.

“It inspired people to want to write more blog posts!”

Music to the agency’s ears.

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