Multi-Channel Ecommerce Marketing Strategies You Should Know

When you’re running an eCommerce business, it only makes sense to utilize the digital space when creating marketing campaigns. With that being said, many business owners manage various eCommerce to ensure they get enough visibility to draw in more customers to their brand.

However, running eCommerce ads isn’t a walk in the park, and it’s much more challenging when you have a dozen of ad variations to manage on a single platform. When you add another channel to manage, then you’re in for a bit of chaos.

Although individual ad platforms offer optimization capabilities, they don’t give you enough control that your marketing team may require. With that, you may bump into inconsistencies with your ads on different channels, making your ad investments falter. This is quite challenging for your team as it will be much harder to gather data to help make the right changes for your brand’s campaigns.

Working with a full-service digital agency can help improve your marketing campaigns and give you the edge you need in a competitive digital landscape. But besides collaborating with a team of experts, it pays to know different strategies that could help optimize your multi-channel eCommerce campaigns.

Strategy #1: Utilize UTM Tags

UTM tags or codes are snippets of texts that are added to the end of a URL, helping you track where website traffic is coming from. Marketers opt to customize these tags to match the webpage URL, allowing them to track the success of the campaign to certain pieces of content.

Even with its benefits, UTM tags are greatly underused. When you don’t use UTM tags, it’s harder to understand the traffic coming into your site, which ultimately affects the clarity of your medium.

Strategy #2: Understand the Full Customer Journey

The only way to improve your eCommerce marketing campaign strategies is by getting a 360-degree view of your strategy. This means you’re viewing your campaign from your customer’s point of view and seeing your brand the way customers see it.

With this, you’ll get to create essential changes in your marketing plan that could help boost its effectiveness and manage your ads’ reach. Besides that, you can also customize your ads in different channels, allowing you to optimize the experience for each market group.

Strategy #3: Know Which Channel Works for Your Brand

It can be pretty tempting to hop on the train and ride the same wave when it comes to marketing trends. Even if there are social media platforms that are gaining more attention than others, it doesn’t mean that your brand will flourish in that space.

It’s best to consider your target market and see where the majority of your users are. If it’s on Instagram, it’s best to invest more effort in creating ad campaigns in this channel. This move will gain more profit and allow you to focus on the right customer base. Once you’ve established your mark on that platform, you can slowly expand to other channels.

Strategy #4: Use Tools to Help Boost Your Campaign

Fortunately, we live in a digital era where technological advancements keep popping up everywhere. With that being said, marketing tools have become more accessible to businesses, allowing you to manage your campaigns with ease.

Besides that, full-service digital agencies also offer practical solutions and strategies to help manage your marketing campaigns. By maximizing your tools and available resources, you’ll get to gather data efficiently and improve your eCommerce marketing campaigns.

The Bottom Line: Managing a Multi-Channel Ecommerce Campaign Shouldn’t Be Challenging

Though it can be a bit overwhelming at first, if you work with a reliable full-service digital agency and employ the right marketing tools, you’ll quickly realize that managing a multi-channel eCommerce campaign is possible.

The strategies above will help you streamline your eCommerce marketing efforts, giving you an edge in a competitive digital landscape.

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