KOTA Created a New Platform for Martin Building Utilising the Latest Web Technologies

KOTA was tasked with bringing Martin Building’s online presence up to date and creating something beautiful and unique complimenting their stunning property design.

The Brief

Martin Building Company is a multidisciplinary design and development property firm based in San Francisco, USA. They are well known for their intriguing blend of stunning contemporary architecture and civic responsibility, which can be seen in all their projects – creating exceptional and sustainable urban environments.

KOTA was not only tasked with bringing their online presence up to date, but also creating something beautiful and unique complimenting their stunning property design. They wanted the new platform to be forwarding thinking, utilising the latest web technologies and design trends keeping them one step ahead of their competitors.


The Approach of KOTA

KOTA wanted to do something special for this project so they looked into new techniques and trends for the UX/UI. These included a fullscreen grid-style menu system and cutting-edge parallax animation, all of which was incorporated within an editorial style layout.

The project case studies were also a big focus for KOTA, so they designed a bespoke component that was a card-based, with draggable navigation. As the site is built in React technology, the user is able to journey through the portfolio without it feeling like you are loading new pages.


There were quite varied amounts of content for each project, therefore KOTA approached this with a modular content management solution, where components can be toggled on or off making sure the layouts look great regardless of the content size. This meant projects with 30 images looked just as good as projects with 10.

About KOTA

KOTA are an international award-winning agency. They specialise in bringing brands to life through creative web design, web development, branding & digital marketing.