With Webtures SEO, Röder Group Increased Turkey’s Traffic by 319%

Success never comes by itself. In order to be successful, you need to apply the right strategies and use tools suitable for your purpose.

As Webtures Digital Marketing Agency, they apply the right strategies by using the most suitable tools for their purpose and achieve incredible success. The last example of this success was on the Röder Group Turkey’s website. The Röder Group operates in 35 countries in the fields of industrial and event tents.

In the last 1 year, while increasing the traffic obtained from organic search by 319%, the number of new users visiting the site increased by 385%. At the same time, Webtures can understand from the 111% increase in the number of sessions from direct inquiries that their SEO service also increases brand awareness. In addition to all of this, Webtures managed to reduce the Bounce Rate by 13%.

Webtures achieved this success by solving technical problems thanks to the SEO tools provided by Ahrefs and producing quality content.

Detect Toxic Backlinks

Before their client started working with them, there were many harmful and poor-quality backlinks to their site. In order for these harmful backlinks not to affect their website later in a bad way, Webture easily detected all the backlinks coming to their site using Site Explorer. After activating the One Link Per Domain option, they easily saw the domains that could have a negative impact on their site, and then they exported the data to Excel format and sorted the Domain Authority score, in this way Webtures easily identified poor quality links and rejected these links by using the Google Disavow Tool.


Keyword Research

Keywords are one of the indispensable elements of SEO. The right keywords can sometimes be short and generic, or sometimes Webtures need to choose longer words for more specific topics.

With the Keywords Explorer tool offered by Ahrefs, they were able to easily identify different versions of keywords, search volumes, and which pages they needed to optimize for which words.


Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is very important for SEO as it is necessary for many sectors. By using the features provided by Ahrefs, Webtures can easily access a lot of information about their competitors, and they can take action based on this information. After detecting toxic backlinks and rejecting these backlinks, they analyzed the backlink and organic traffic of their competitors using the Site Explorer tool and created their SEO strategies by using these tools.

In addition, by using the Organic Keywords feature in Site Explorer, Webtures were able to easily find the words that their competitors targeted but they did not target. This competitor analysis, which they made using the features offered by Ahrefs, has been very beneficial for them.

Site Audit

Another great feature of Ahrefs is the Site Audit section. Webtures added their site to the Site Audit section and scanned it at regular intervals. The Site Audit tool, which contains many SEO criteria, scanned their site regularly, allowing them to easily see many problems on their site that could have a negative impact on them in terms of SEO.

Some of these problems are:


Redirects are indispensable for many websites. Most of the time, they can make redirects between their pages. However, sometimes errors such as Redirect Chain may occur during these redirects. Ahrefs informs them about their redirects and allows them to notice if there is an error on their site such as a Redirect Chain.

Missing Image Alt Text

Image alt tags are tags that help Google understand the purpose of the images Webtures use.
Thanks to Ahrefs’s Site Audit feature, they were able to easily detect which pages have images without alt text and fix this issue.

Duplicate Content

The presence of identical or very similar duplicate content on their site will also harm them in terms of SEO. Site Audit has also helped them a lot in detecting and correcting similar or completely duplicate content on their website.


As I said at the beginning of my article, success does not come by itself. In order to achieve success, you must take the right steps and use tools suitable for your strategies. As Webtures Digital Marketing Agency, they effectively use many features that Ahrefs offers to ensure their customers’ success and they can see the results of the developments they have made by using Ahrefs.

When they add their client’s website into the Site Audit tool, it seems quite clear that the relationship between their site’s Health Score of 100% and the 319% traffic increase Webtures gained in the last 1 year I mentioned at the beginning of my article is not a coincidence.


About Webtures

Webtures is an agency that makes good companies more visible and acts with the mission of providing people with good and quality. This approach not only creates a selective customer profile but also enables them to develop a business model that contributes to a multi-faceted development that requires them to touch their customers’ offline user experiences as well as online experiences.

The brand, Webtures, which is a combination of the words Web and Ventures, has been established to provide maximum contribution to the enterprise ecosystem, and this approach has been the foundation of their Digital Angel Investments program, through which Webtures develop their GiveBack culture by investing in enterprises.