Result-Oriented UI Design from Isadora Agency for the Fintech Brand UPLI

Could employers dramatically enhance employee financial wellness through a feature-rich mobile app? Discover how Isadora Agency‘s comprehensive app UI design solved this Fintech challenge through highly interactive tools and a sticky experience essential for frequent user engagement.


UPLI is an innovative Fintech brand and your one-stop-shop for financial wellness. The UPLI team wanted to redefine how employees and especially millennials engaged with individual finances. Business goals included helping users build credit, maintain a budget, optimize debt balances and manage all financial accounts. The final mobile app product would be something truly unique, yet simple enough that allows you to track finances much like you track your health. Isadora Agency was tasked with the app UI design, mobile strategy, illustration, iconography and mobile app design of over 100 different mobile screens.


App UI Design

The core of the app UI design revolves around essential features that include budgeting, spending, and saving. Layers of friendly reminders and updates show how much you’ve saved or how close you remained within your budget provide, while providing multiple reasons to visit the app frequently. Cutting-edge tools and intelligent messaging throughout the experience educate users as they grow more comfortable with individual finances.



Illustration & Iconography

Every little detail, graph, chart, character, and icon was meticulously handcrafted by their various design artists. They opted for a bold and vibrant color palette that makes an immediate and memorable impact. Progress bars and goal overview cards provide a user with reasons to check back frequently.




Mobile App Design

With a minimalist design, users quickly move from one category to the next. Select to pay down your debt or fund a vacation. Your personal dashboard allows you to see insights, progress and trends. The Budget Progress screen was extra fun to design as they were able to incorporate their custom character illustration next to messages of encouragement. It’s truly remarkable how their team was able to pack this mobile app design with so many tools and powerful customizable features.


Marketing Website

The new UPLI website is clean, clutter-free and effortless to enjoy. Consumable sections of content educate and inspire the user simultaneously. Starting the process of saving or budgeting is often challenging. So, they ensured users understood the overarching value proposition within seconds. UPLI’s tools make financial wellness easier than ever.


Inner Pages

Managing your finances has never been this simple. Prominent screenshots of the beautiful mobile app design including credit optimizer tools, financial scores, and budget breakdowns, showcase the power behind this feature-rich mobile app. Take control of your financial fitness with UPLI.


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